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  1. Restriction Enzymes
    • Make cuts at specific sequences of base pairs.
    • Signals the enzyme to stop sliding (restriction site)
  2. Electrophoresis
    to carry with electricity.
  3. What are needed to compare between DNA samples to detect whether they are identical or not?
    Restriction Enzymes.
  4. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
    • Separates DNA fragments by size.
    • DNA fragments are negatively charged, and are attracted to the positive side of the gel plate.
  5. What is ELISA?
    • enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.
    • Uses antibodies to detect the presence of a disease.
  6. Antigens
    molecules that cause your body to create an immune response.
  7. what is the study of the immune system?
  8. Where is ELISA used?
    • disease detection, pregnancy tests, drug use, etc..
    • Detects HcG
  9. In ELISA, what is the positive control?
    positive for disease agent.
  10. In ELISA, what is the negative control?
    negative for disease agent.
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