cellular respiration

  1. fermentation
    partial degradation of sugars that occurs without O2
  2. aerobic respiration
    consumes organic molecules and O2 and yields ATP
  3. cellular respiration includes both aerobi and anarobic respiration but is often used to refer to aerobic respiration
  4. oxidation
    substances loses electrons or is oxidized
  5. reduction
    substances gains electrons or is reduced the amount of positive charge is reduced
  6. ETC
    NADH passes the electrons to the electron transport chain
  7. glycolysis
    breaks down glucose into 2 molecules pyruvate
  8. citric acid cycle
    completes the breakdown of glucose
  9. oxidative phosphorylation
    accounts for most of the atp synthesis
  10. glycolosis occurs in the cytoplas 2 major phases
    • energy investment phase
    • energy payoff phase
  11. acetyl coa
    pyruvate converted to this links the cycle to glycolysis
  12. krebs cycle
    • takes place mitochondrial matric
    • oxidizes organic fuel derived from pyruvate generate 1atp 3 nadh and 1 fadh2 per turn
  13. cytochromes
    electrons passed through a number of proteins
  14. alcohol fermentation
    pyruvate converted to ethanol in 2 steps with the first releaseing CO2
  15. lacic acid fermentation
    pyruvate redued to nadh forming lactate as an end product with no release of co2
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