eastern carribbean

  1. How long is the island chain of the Lesser Antilles?
    600 miles
  2. How far is Trinidad from the coast of South America?
    6 miles
  3. Newfoundland is quite a distance from mainland Canada and is part of Canada. Is Trinidad, by proximity, considered part of South America?
  4. What is the capital city of Trinidad?
    Port of spain
  5. From what country does Roti originate?
  6. A type of Roti is Bus-Up-Shut. What does that mean?
    Busted up shirt
  7. The set up for Trinidad’s carnival sounds much like what South American city’s carnival?
    Rio de janeiro
  8. How many participants are there in the Mother of all Carnivals?
    250 000- carnival of the people
  9. What is Tobago famous for?
    Unspoiled beaches, turquoise water, laidback lifestyle
  10. When did the British relinquish rule of Tobago?
  11. What is a native of Tobago called?
  12. How fast or slow does bamboo grow?
    Fast- 1-1.5 ft/day for max of 60 days
  13. What time does the sun go down in Tobago? Costa Rica? The Caribbean?
    6 to 7
  14. How did Rum Runner goat do in the big race?
    Didn't Win
  15. Why is Grenada called the Spice Island? Produces
    1/3 of worlds nutmeg
  16. What is the capital of grenada?
    St George
  17. Name some ingredients in her Souse
    Cow skin, corn, pigs feet, broccoli, nutmeg, clove, carrot
  18. Me Lover” is a ……… van used as a bus.
    Shuttle/ taxi
  19. How does a passenger signal the driver to stop?
    knocks on roof
  20. Who intervened in Grenada to restore order?
    USA and Caribbean forces
  21. What aboriginal nations lived in the Caribbean prior to the Europeans arriving?
    Arawok, carib indians
  22. On Carriacou, in the Shakespeare demonstration, what happens if an actor makes a mistake in saying a line?
    They get hit with a stick
  23. How much, in both currencies, did the painting cost?
    320 EC, 100USD
  24. Dominica has the largest oceanic rainforest in the world. T___ F___
    False..... Largest in CARIBBEAN
  25. Dominica is popular because of its beaches. T___ F___ ?
  26. Do you believe that Ma Pampo is 125 years old?
  27. From where does the brain coral get its name?
    Looks like a brain
  28. During what months does the Giant Leatherback turtle nest?
    March through august
  29. How much can a Leatherback weigh and how long can it get?
    ½ ton, 8 ft, 1000lb
  30. During the nesting season how many times might a Leatherback lay eggs?
    80-100 eggs up to 8x per season
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