persuasion start.txt

  1. Greeting: Say Hello to the unconscious,
  2. �Hello I am (first name, last name), and I am pleased to meet you.� (match the unconscious hello!!)
  3. Calibrate No:
    �Have you been to sleepy's before?�
  4. Calibrate Yes:
    �May I call you (first name)?
  5. Get other YES or NO as needed to calibrate.
  6. before we begin,
    Please, tell me about your current sleeping situation, what kind of bed do you have now, and why are you investing in a new one?
  7. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Criteria Question:
  9. If I had magical wand and we were the Wizard of Oz and could grant your wish and put you in Kansas. Kansas for you is being successful at getting the bed that you want, what's most important to you about? _______________________________________
  10. Great, now, what's most important to you about (answer above)?
  11. Because?
  12. ___________________________________________________
  13. ultimately, What will having (criteria) do for you? _________________________
  14. What is their meta-program? ___________________________
    meta-program is their last (3rd) criteria answer
  15. induction/closing statement
  16. it seem to me it would also be important to ultimately have (meta=program) to select the best available sleep system, at todays great sale price. don't you agree?
  17. ________________________
  18. preset close
    so, i'm certain that if you (saw, hear, felt) that you could actually get the best price for the best posible bed you select with a great warranty by buying here today, you do so , would'nt you?
  19. __________________________________
  20. Can you tell me how long have you had this bed thats not serving you now?
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