histo 4 buzz words

  1. Fordyce spots
    isolated sebaceous glands draining onto latter surface of lips
  2. vermillion
    transitional area, red bc blood vessels close to surface bc thin epithelium
  3. median raphae
    central line of attachment in palate
  4. Von Ebner
    serous glands that drain directly onto crypt of Vallate papillae to flush out space
  5. ameloblasts
    make enamel
  6. odontoblasts
    mesenchymal, make inner layers of dentin
  7. dentinal tubules
    through dentin layer; act pain in pulp cavity to make nociceptive response
  8. enamel
    calcified organic matrix, acellular, avascular
  9. cementum
    calcified organic matrix, avascular, cellular
  10. cementocytes
    make cementum; have canaliculi
  11. serous glands
  12. lysosyzme
    demilune glands
  13. IgA
    plasma glands btw acini
  14. sphincter boyden
    reg CBD before it joins panc duct
  15. spincter oddi
    reg entrance into duodenum
  16. Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses
    gall bladder; invaginations into muscularis externa
  17. fenestrated cap
    gall bladder
  18. centroacinar cells
    pancreas exocrine; flat, poorly staining, short cuboidal, make bicarb, line acini lumen
  19. bicarb
    intercalated duct, centroacinar cells
  20. CCK or vagal PS
    stim release of bicarb in intercalated and centroacinar
  21. zymogen granules
    panc acinar cells; exocrine
  22. islets langerhans
    endocrine pancreas; alpha, beta, delta, F
  23. gastrinomas
    islet tumors that secrete gastrin
  24. Zollinger-Ellison
    gastric hypersec and peptic ulceration
  25. alpha islet
  26. insulin
    beta islet
  27. somatostatin
    delta islet
  28. F islet
    pancreatic polypeptide
  29. gap junctions
    synchronicity of pancreatic islets; ion coupling
  30. hyperglycemia
  31. no insulin production
  32. insulin resistance
  33. meissner's plexus
    PS postganglionic that secrete Ach on M receptor in muscularis mucosa layer of tunica mucosa; live in tunica submucosa
  34. Auerbach's plexus
    postg PS ganglia in tunica muscularis
  35. metaclopramide
    speeds peristalsis; acts in tunica muscularis
  36. GE junction
    Z line, ora serrata, squamocolumnar junction
  37. simple columnar
    stomach epi
  38. Barrett's esophagus
    intestinalization of esophagus; muc sec cells become simple columnar
  39. metaplasia
    Z line becomes cephalad; dysplasia then neoplasia
  40. inner circ and outer long
    tunica muscularis
  41. middle third tunica muscularis
    Auerbach's; skel and sm mm
  42. ICC
    Auerbach's; middle third tunica muscularis; link btw PS motor and sm mm
  43. LES
    prevents gastric reflux
  44. gastric pits
    from surface epi; drained by gastric glands; tunica mucosa of stomach; bicarb
  45. cuboidal cells w/ mitotic figures
    gastric pits; replace pit and SE cells or glands
  46. IF
    absorbs B12, parietal neckcells
  47. parietal neck cells
    IF, HCl, stim by gastrin, vagal and H2 stim
  48. mucous neck cells
    protect gastric epi
  49. chief base gland
    pepsinogen, few in cardiac and fundus
  50. enteroendocrine base cells
    • gastrin, Ach, Histamine
    • somatostatin (inhib gastrin)
    • ghrelin: induce feeding behavior
  51. ghrelin
    enteroendocrine base cells; induces feeding behavior
  52. gastric rugae
    tunica submucosa
  53. gastric emptying
    tunica muscularis
  54. villi inward; glands outward
  55. goblet cells
  56. intestinalization
    goblet cells elsewhere than SI
  57. absorptive cells
    epithelium of SI; tall columnar; microvilli (brush border); glycolax
  58. glycolax
    brush/abosrptive cells of tunica mucosa SI
  59. M cells
    APC in SI
  60. paneth cells
    at base of intestinal glands in tunica mucosa; duodenum, bright red sec granules w/ lysozyme
  61. Enteroendocrine of SI
    secretin, CCK, serotonin, incretins
  62. secretin
    enteroendocrine SI, bicarb, water
  63. CCK enteroendocrine SI
    stim gall bladder, panc acinar cells
  64. serotonin enteroendocrine SI
    inc gastric motility
  65. incretin enteroendocrine SI
    inc insulin
  66. plicae circulares
    tunica submucosa SI; jejunum most
  67. Brunner's glands
    tunica submucosa duodenum only; muc sec
  68. teniae coli
    3 equidistant long bands tunica muscularis LI
  69. haustra
  70. peritonitis
    infl abdomen due to appendicitis
  71. columns of Morgagni
    perm long folds in tunica mucosa anal canal; sm mm; makes anal valves
  72. pectinate line
    NKSS; in columns morgagni
  73. distal anal valve
    no crypts Lieberkuhn or muscularis mucosa
  74. hemorrhoids
    no valves in tunica submucosa rectal veins
  75. IAS
    inner circ of tunica muscularis rectum
  76. levator ani mm
    forms EAS in tunica muscularis rectum
  77. perineal CT
    tunica adventitia rectum
  78. Glisson's capsule
    CT covering liver; mesothelial cells except at bare area
  79. portal triad
    portal venule, hepatic arteriole, bile duct
  80. catalase, alcohol dehyd
    peroxisomes of hepatocytes
  81. albumin
  82. fibrinogen
  83. transferrin/globulin
  84. Ang
  85. chol, lipoprot, bile
  86. Kupffer cells
    phago on sinusoid lining liver; from monocytes; recycles Fe
  87. Space of Disse
    btw endo sinusoids and hepatocytes
  88. canals of Hering
    gets stuff from bile canaliculi; simple sq or cuboidal
  89. lymph circ
    space of disse>periportal CT>space of Mall>lymph cap> hepatic hilus>thoracic duct
  90. Space of Mall
    btw outer hepatocytes and stromal portal canal; lymph drainage
  91. classic lobule
    portal vein to sinusoid to central vein
  92. portal lobule
    bile to canaliculi to BD
  93. portal acinus
    zones; proximity hepatocytes to blood coming from portal triad
  94. outer medulla
    TAL, Henle, CT
  95. inner medulla
    A/D thin, henle, CD, papillary ducts
  96. medullary rays
    extensions medullar into cortex
  97. cortical labyrinths
    glomeruli rich areas btw rays; PCT, DCT, glomeruli
  98. cortical columns
    projects cortex btw pyramids
  99. cortical nephron
    ourter 4/5 cortex and short loops
  100. juxtamedullary nephron
    corticomedullary junction, long loops
  101. podocytes
    visceral layer bowmans
  102. renin
    affects aff arteriole
  103. peritubular cap
    from eff arteriole (cortical A0
  104. vasa recta
    from eff arteriole (juxtamedullary A)
  105. diaphragm-less
    fenestrations in glomeruli
  106. mesangial cells
    btw podocyte covering cap in glomerulus; support vascular loops; modified pericytes (contractile and change GFR), phago
  107. isotonic filtrate
  108. irregular lumen
  109. glycolax
    PCT, gives debris look
  110. basal folds
    PCT, DCT
  111. microvilli brush border
  112. lateral folds
  113. well defined lumen
  114. hypotonic filtrate
  115. macula densa
    DCT; tight nuc; JG feedback
  116. JG cells
    sm mm in aff/eff A; relase renin to stim symp Beta rec on JG cell mem;
  117. captopril
    ACE inhib; Rx hypertension
  118. Ang2
    sec aldosterone, VC
  119. ADH release
    from post pit gland; stim by high plasma osmolality; acts on AQ to reabs more water
  120. oval circ lumen, no glycolax/microvilli, eosinophilic
  121. area cribosa
    papillary duct openings in medullary pyramid
  122. transitional epi
    ureters, bladder, upper urethra, LP; imperm to electrolytes and water, stretchable
  123. inner long, outer circ
  124. micturition reflex
  125. bladder trigone
    triangular post lumenal surface from mesenteric ducts, 2 ureter openings and 1 urethral opening
  126. prostatic urethra
    trans epi; has ejaculatory ducts and prostratic duct perforations
  127. membranous urethra
    skel mm of UG diaphragm, pseudo columnar epi
  128. spongy urethra
    center long axis corpus spongiosum; pseudo and strat sq, ducts bulbourethral glands, glands Littre
  129. glands of Littre
    spongy urethra
  130. bulbourethal gland ducts
    spongy urethra
  131. female urethra
    trans to psueod to strat sq; vascular; folded mucosa, susceptible to UTIs
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