1. a client with edema can be massaged when
    cause is due to not veing avle to move body parts.
  2. vessel used for sterilization is called
    wet sanitizer
  3. heat is not usred to treat
  4. what is used to clean soiled linen
    chlorine bleach
  5. what is used to clean if a client vomit
  6. which of these is not in the universal precautions
    exit sign
  7. client with contraindicated condition can be massaged if
    there is a written permission from physician
  8. therapist effect of pettrisage is to
  9. pregnant woman would prefer which position?
    lateral recumbent position
  10. signs of inflammation except

    heat, redness, pain, swollen
  11. hamstring grip is where in th thigh
    upper posterior of thigh

    • semitendinosus
    • semimembranosus
    • biceps femoris
  12. who is in charge of writing the papers for apprentice?
    sposoring massage therapist SMT
  13. for a sponsor "direct supervision" means?
    being on the premises and available when they are training(needs)
  14. which muscles are in the neck?
    • scm, trapezius, splienius caitis,longus colli,
    • scalenes, labator scapulae
  15. nerve that supplies the neck muscle is
    spinal accessory
  16. nerve supplies blood to the elbow
    ulnar nerve
  17. which of these mean treatment with ice

  18. which mscle extends the shoulder??
    latissimus dorsi

    • shoulder extension, adduction,and medial roatation
    • (内側)

    lower back
  19. which muscle flexes the little finger
    flexor digiti minimi

    little finger = minimi (koyubi)

    • what extends the little finger
    • A, exteusor digiti minimi
  20. which of these are a saddle joint?
    thumb and wrist (metacarpal)
  21. freely mocing joint is called

    • type of joint
    • 1. synarthroses
    • 2.amphiartroses
    • 3.diarthroses
  22. how many main systes of the body are there?
  23. assessment of walking is called
    gait assessment
  24. max time given to appoint a new P(princepal)MT is?
  25. muscle that bends the neck back is
    trapezius (also splienius capitis)
  26. when can the board and dept of health come to the massage establishment?
    anytime during operation hours
  27. which is an important muscle of the lower back
    QL (quadratus lumborum)

  28. bone of the palm is
  29. what is on the foot that is painful and difficult to remove
    corn (ashiyubi no) uonome, tako
  30. inflammation of the nose and cheek
    rosacea (nikibi no youna mono)
  31. a skin cancer that starts from small bump and leads to whitish crusted layers on skin?
    squamous cell carcinoma

    crusty scaly skin
  32. what would be best technique to use on client with twisted ankle?
  33. which muscle closes and retract the jaw

    • mastication muscle))
    • temporalis, masseter, medial pterygoid,
    • lateral pterygoid
  34. medial means
    towards the midline.

    lateral = farther from the midline
  35. distal means
    farther from the attachment of limb to the trunk

    proximal = nearer to the trunk
  36. deltoid is muscle of which area?

    ball and sockt = shoulder hip
  37. what is the fundamental (basic unit) of nervous system?
    neuron( sinkeitani) = nerve cell

    • three main parts of neuron
    • cell body, dendrites, axon
    • three type of neuron
    • sensory, motor, internuron
  38. internal arm movement towards the body is
  39. waht is the fundamental (basic unit) of human?

    cell - tissue - organ- system- organism
  40. the pmt can leave in charge of the establishment to
  41. an example of the ball and socket joint
    shoulder hip
  42. license must be renew by
    6/30 even number year
  43. the hyoid bone supports?
    base of tongue
  44. arthritis is
    inflammation of joint
  45. which term describes area of buttocks?
    buttock (siri,)

    A, gluteus
  46. what is layer under the top of skin layer or outer most layer called?

  47. ?? what describes a reaction to things that are usually not harmful?
  48. which of the following is not a purpose for drapin?

    purpose)) comfort, security, privacy
  49. massage may treat all of the following except
    pre-eclampsia (sikankeiren hossa)
  50. virus is contracted from? (geninn)
  51. active participation in a tretment means the client does what?
    actively move body parts as told
  52. what should the therapist do before and after massage
    wash hands with soap and water
  53. an apprentice cannot get revked for doing which of following?
    requesting a change in sponsor by writing
  54. the apprentice license can be revoked if all happens except
    change SMT with written request
  55. all the following should be followed when draping except?
    womans breast may be undraped
  56. hair doesnt grow on which of the following body parts?
  57. informed consent means?
    therapist tells client what kind of massage will be done.
  58. what is the purpose of using cross friction and fibrous
    break up fibrosis and stretch muscle tissue

    fibrosis (senishou)
  59. which of thefollowing does the talus articulate with?
    • talus (asikubi)
    • tarsal(asikubiwomatomete)

    calcaneus(kakato nohou)naviculal, tibia(hutoi), fibula(hosoi)
  60. which are connective tissue?
    tendon, ligament, fascia, blood, alveolar, adipos, bone, fibros,
  61. poweful used to sanitize(eisei)
    disinfectant (sakkin)
  62. superficial massage means
    massage as lightly as possible
  63. technique described by rhythmic alternating striking?
  64. straightren the elbow is what movement
  65. in what direction should abdominal be massaged?
    clockwise = peristalsis
  66. client assessment help the practitioner in following ways except
    socio-economic status
  67. the prupose of the initial touch is ?
    relax and stimulate
  68. what is ligament?
    cconnects bone to bone
  69. skill and art of massage therapy using hand toush to sense things in the body is called?
    palpation (shokusin)
  70. which muscle compresses the abdomen
    rectus abdominus p71
  71. thechnique that is most effective for returning blood to heart is ?
  72. body useing physiscal mechanism to protect against forein disease is
  73. blood travelling through the blood vessels is called?
  74. which system pump blood to body dealing with arteries veins and capollaries
    circulatory system (cardiovascular system)
  75. there is appendicular skelton and what skelton
    axial skelton
  76. what carries blood from the heart
    artery (doumyaku)

    • blood from heart to capillaries in all parts of body.
    • vein = collect blood from capillaries n return it to the heart
  77. small tremulous by hand of finger produces?

    tremulous = hurueru
  78. pathology is
    study of disease
  79. sudoriferious gland is apocrine gland and
    eccrine gland

    sudoriferious gland (sweat gland)
  80. shollow depression in bone
  81. what gives skin color?
  82. what is the function of nervous system
    control and communication for all body system
  83. which muscle contracts and causes body movement
    prime movers
  84. what helps when client has lower back pain in prone position?
    abdominal support
  85. the ration of apprentice and sponsor is
  86. what does steriliation
    destroy all living organisms ???
  87. an involuntry response to a stimulus in the nervous system is
  88. what is disinfectant?
    kills pathogens (bacteria)
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