1. 1) Latitude & Longetude are used to _____ & _____ places on a map.
    A) Lat. goes __ & __ but measures __ & __.
    B) Long. goes __ & __ but measures __ & __.
    • Lat & long are used to Measure & locate places on a map.
    • A) Lat goes West & East but measures North & South.
    • B) Long. goes North & South but measures East & West.
  2. A) Aboslute location means _____ or _____ spot or location using Long. & Lat.
    B) Relative location means _____ or _____ spot or location using long. & lat.
    • A) Aboslute location means PERSICE or EXACT spot or location using Long. & Lat.
    • B) Relative location means NOT PERSICE or EXACT spot or location using long. & lat.
  3. All early people needed _____ & _____ to surivive
  4. All early people probably came from _____, we have the evidence, _____.
    All early people prob. came from AFRICA, we have the evidence BONES.
  5. All early people _____ & _____ for food. They had not discovered farming.
  6. Land & climate conditions conductive (good) for human sedlement included _________________.
  7. How do you think the early people used their five sences?
    • 1) Cooking food
    • 2) scaring animals
    • 3) make food last longer
    • 4) light
    • 5) warmth.
  8. The early people migrated b/c they were following the ______ that were their food.
    The _____ were also looking for food.
  9. Later migrations of people increased opportunty for _______
    • TRADE
  10. A) Accent center of trade included _____________
    B) Historcial migration routes have included people migrating from _____ to ____ they crossed a land bride called the _____ to get there
    • A) Myceance
    • China
    • Mediterian Nations
    • Egypt
    • Mespotiama
    • Indus Valley River

    • B) Asia to NorthAmerica
    • Bering Strait
  11. 1) Physical features that have discovered migrations of people included _________________
    2) Slash and burn farming - _____________________
    3) three other names for farming:
    • 1)
    • A) Mnts
    • B) deserts
    • C) water

    2) cut down trees and bushes & burn the remainds

    • 3) Neolithic
    • Densition
  12. ______ - Tigris & Eupheate river, ziggurats, mud bricks used for temples & activites.
  13. The ______ were the first ones to use iron weapons & Hitties showed how to make iron stronger by _______ & ______.
    • Assyrians
    • Shaping and cooling quickly
  14. _______ - Nile River (the longest in the world), ruled by pharos, pyrmads, mummies, life after death, hieroglyphics, used irrigation, paypus (paper), king tut,
    *8,000 miles, the Nile was called "________" because there was little rain.
    • Egypt
    • Gift Of Life
  15. Egyptian merchants traded their goods for ________

    When the Egyptians came to depend on Nubia's natural recorusus, they built _____ there.
    Gold, Animal Tusks, Big blocks of granite to build temples in Egypt, Hard woods

    Traiding centers
  16. Political borders established by accent civilations
    • MNTS
  17. A)
  18. hUMANS
  19. A) humans adapted to different enviroments such as _________
    building levees, and dams, irrigation, trading for what they needed, growing foods native to the enviroment
  20. Indus Valley
    • A) Indus river & ganges river
    • B) Plain cities of Mohenjo Daro & Harappa
    • C) Monson winds give India their winter & summer climate
    • D) Subcontent part of Asia but seprated by Mnts
    • E) Himilay mnts make a barrier between India & the reast of Asia
  21. India
    • a) indus valley river
    • b) harappa city& Mohenjo Daro
    • c) caste system
    • d) isolated b/c of mnts subcontent
  22. The ____ which connected Empires in the trade was also referred of as "______" it was not actually a single road, instead it was a genreal route for goods from China from central & southern Asia and goods from their places found their way to China
    • Silk road
    • The Silk Route
  23. During the last years of their kingdom, Minoan merchants started trading with the city of Mcenae. Then the mycenanians learned many Minoan customs through trade, this cultured borrowing lead the mycanians to adapt Mionan art styles & pottery designs to make them look more war like
  24. The Chinise product most in demand was silk, in fact it was silk the trade route (road) "The silk road" traders travled west with the products chinise needed
  25. Continuty in change - while somethings change over time, other things stay the same
    Things that stay have continuty.
    Understanding cointinuty & change can help you see how things in this world came to be, as they are a past event or something that happened may have helped shape your life. Also present events can help you make better desisons about the future.
  26. China, ideographs, warror class, mandate of heaven, rulled by dynasty, silk route, huangehe (yellow river), chang jiang (yangtze river), aristocrats, pictographs, buracity (appointed officals responcible for gov.) fillialpiety (children had to respect parents, invinted paper 7 gun powder.
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