Nervous System

  1. What carries the electrical signal towards the cell body?
  2. What cell wraps around the neurons of the central nervous system to form a myelin sheath?
  3. What is the gap called that is between the neuroglial cells as they wrap around a neuron?
    Nerve Fiber node
  4. What is the 4 basic types of transducers?
    Thermo, Chem, Photo, Mechanical
  5. What do the organs of transduction or tranducers of the nervous system do?
    Change energy from one form to another
  6. What are the 2 most basic structural divisions of the nervous system?
    Pperipheral and Central
  7. Where does the efferent (motor) nerve pathways conduct impulses?
    To the muscles and the glands of the body
  8. What is the cortex of the cerebrum made up of?
    Gray matter
  9. What part of the central nervous system acts as the basic life support system?
    Brain Stem
  10. Spinal nerves exit the verterbal canal through which anatomical space?
    Intervertebral foramen
  11. Which cranial nerve is the great nerve of general sense from the face?
    Cranial nerve V
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