Biology Final Lab

  1. What is the division of nucleus?
  2. What is the divison of cytoplasmic structures and cytoplasm?
  3. What do cells do in the G1 phase?
    the cells grow in size
  4. What is uncoiled chromatin?
  5. What phase in cell growth duplicates its chromosomes and other cell material?
    S phase
  6. Before what synthesis does the cells' chromosomes consist of one chromatid in the S phase?
    DNA Synthesis
  7. What happens after DNA Synthesis in the S Phase?
    the cell's chromosomes consist of 2 identical chromatids attached at a centromere.
  8. In what phase do the cell prepares the enzymes and metabolic activities for mitosis?
    G2 Phase
  9. What is interphase considered not to be?
    not a phase of mitosis
  10. Is DNA present in interphase?
  11. What parts of the nucleus is present or seen as visible in Interphase?
    Nucleolus and nuclear membrane.
  12. When does chromatin officially start replicating?
  13. What are the Phases of Mitosis?
    • PMAT
    • Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, & Telophase.
  14. What do animal cells have in prophase?
    visible asters and non-visible centrioles
  15. What about the nucleus happens in Prophase?
    Nuclear membrane is not distinct. and nucleolus disappears
  16. What does the DNA do in Prophase?
    it coils into visible chromosomes.
  17. What happens to the chromosomes in Metaphase?
    they line up in the center called the equator.
  18. What else happens in Metaphase besides the chromosomes lining up in the center?
    the spindle fibers are attached to the centromere of each chromosome.
  19. What two major things happen in Metaphase?
    • the centromeres divide.
    • chromosomes move to the opposite side of the poles of the cell.
  20. What happens to the chromosomes in Telophase?
    uncoil the chromatin.
  21. What does the nucleus part of the cell do in Telphase?
    Nuclear membrane and nuclioli reappear.
  22. Whats distinct about animal cells in late Telophase?
    the cell divides with a cleavvage furrow.
  23. Whats distinct about plant cells during telophase?
    the cells divide with the formation of a cell plate
  24. What are daughter cells?
    The cells formed after mitosis is complete. They are smaller and identical to the parental cell.
  25. What is distinct in plant cell division?
    • Chromosomes are large.
    • Cell walls are present.
    • Cells divide with the cell plate.
  26. What does the cell plate signal in plant cells in Telophase?
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