Somatiform Disorders

  1. Multiple unexplained physical complaints, often lasting for many years and at some has experienced a total of 8 symptoms, including pain, GI, sexual, pseudoneurological which are not intentionally produced or feigned:
    Somatization disorder
  2. Characterized by preoccupation with symptoms, maladies, meds; always begins before age 30, more common in females, overuse of med system, dramatization, exacerbated by environmental stressors:
    Somatization disorder
  3. Associated with alexithymia:
    Somatization disorder
  4. Preoccupation with fears of having serious illness, persists despite medical evaluation, not delusional, causes significant distress and last at least 6 months:
  5. Characterized by needless operations and tests, begins in 20s or 30s, affects men and women equally:
  6. Cardinal feature is an involuntary, unconscious loss or alteration of a function, not intentionally produced, cannot be explained by general medical condition...
    Conversion disorder
  7. Characterized by La Belle indifference, usually begins during childhood and adolescence, triggered by acute psychosocial stressors, symptoms can persist for months or years:
    Conversion disorder
  8. Preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance causing significant distress or impairment, affects women more, associated with major depression and dysthymia:
    Body dysmorphic disorder
  9. Intentional feigning of physical or psychological symptoms to assume the sick role:
    Factitious disorder or Munchhausen
  10. Intentional feigning of physical or psychological symptoms to get out of something or to gain something:
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Somatiform Disorders
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