Judy Moody 6: Doctor Judy Moody

  1. fort
    a strong building protected against attack
  2. label
    a piece of paper telling information about something
  3. poke
    to push with a finger or stick
  4. aside
    to the side
  5. stroked
    rub lightly
  6. silky
    like silk, very smooth
  7. neat
    orderly and clean
  8. hospital gown
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  9. knob
    a rounded handle
  10. measles
    • a virus that gives red spots
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  11. chicken pox
    • a children's virus that has itchy pimples
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  12. kit
    a group of tools kept together
  13. complain
    tell in words or body movements feelings of pain or unhappyness
  14. sling
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  15. ear scope
    • a tool to look inside a person's ear
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  16. stethoscope
    • a tool used to listen to a heartbeat or pulse
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  17. slosh
    spill or splan
  18. pulse
    the rhythm in the blood vessels the caused by the heart pumping blood
  19. patient
    a person getting medical care
  20. yank
    a quick and strong pull
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