Popes and Saints

  1. Pope John Paul II's Real Name:__
    Pope reign: __
    From: __
    • Karol Wojtyla
    • 1978-2005
    • Poland
  2. Who is the most traveled Pope? How many countries?
    Pope John Paul II (over 100)
  3. Who was very intelligent and knew many languages? Fluent in how many?
    • PJP II
    • 8
  4. __ was a strong diplomat. He helped _?__.
    • PJPII
    • end communism in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
  5. What did PJPII take a special interest in?
    fostering faith in young people (WOrld Youth Day)
  6. When was PJPII shot? What did he do regarding the shooter?
    • 1981
    • forgave shooter in 1984
  7. What did PJPII strongly believe in?
    the Church's teaching snad refused to bend to society's values--this was sometimes controversial
  8. In __, PJPII wrote the __ called __.
    - What did he address?
    • 1995/ papal letter/ "Gospel of Life"
    • the Catholic view on topics, such as abortion, assisted suicide, capital punishment, human rights
  9. What did PJPII suffer with?
    Parkinson's Disease
  10. What is PJPII in the process of becoming?
    • a saint
    • was beatified on May 1
  11. Pope Benedict XVI Real Name: __
    Pope Reign:
    From: __
    Was a close friend to __
    • Joseph Ratzinger
    • 2005-present
    • Germany
    • PJPII
  12. What did Pope Benedict XVI try to strengthen?
    relationships and understanding between the Catholic Church and Islam
  13. What did Pope Benedict XVI try to addess?
    the priest sexual abuse issue around the world
  14. What is Pope Benedict XVI known as?
    a strong defender of the Catholic faith in a challenging world
  15. Pope John XXIII
    - Pope from: __
    - From __
    • 1958-1963
    • Italy
  16. Pope John XXIII is known as what?
    one of the most Beloved popes in history
  17. What was Pope John XXIII not expected to do?
    - What did he do?
    • not expected to do much of anything as Pope
    • Called Vatican Council II which changed all aspects of the Church forever
  18. What is Pope John XXIII being considered for?
  19. What is a saint?
    A "saint" is someone who is recognized by the Curch as one who had an extremely close relationship with God and who tried ot live according to God's Will for her/ his life
  20. Saints are people through wwhom we come to a better understanding of:
    1) __
    2) __
    • 1) what God is like, and
    • 2) the kind of lives we should/ could be living today
  21. There are over __ official saints.
  22. Pope John Paul II canonized __ saints between __.
    He canonized more sants in __ years than who?
    • 482
    • 1982-2004
    • 22
    • all of the Popes in the previous 500 years combined
  23. Why did Pope John Paul canonize so many saints?
    By doing this, he showed that he believed strongly in the presence of holiness in our world TODAY--not just in the past
  24. How does a Saint become a Saint?
    the Canonization Process
  25. What is canonization?
    the process through which a holy person becomes an official Saint in the church
  26. Canonization generally begins at least __ after a person's death.
    five years
  27. What are teh three steps?
    • research
    • miracles
    • canonization
  28. Step 1: Research
    1) __
    2) __
    • A group is appointed by a bishop to investigate that person's life and holiness
    • 2) During this stage, the person is referred to as a "Servant of God." If the investigation is approved, the person is called "Venerable."
  29. Step 2: Miracles
    1) __
    Miracles must be seen as being achieved through the intercession of that person. Once this is proven, the person is called "Blessed." THis step is called "beatification."
  30. Final Step: Canonization
    1) __
    After another miracle is attributed to this person, the Pope will make a formal declaration of "canonization" and the person is called a "Saint."
  31. Clarification: __
    • It is important to realize that we do not pray TO saints, as if they were equal to God
    • Rather, we honor the saints for their holy lives, and because of their close connection with God, we ask the saints to pray WITH and FOR us.
  32. A person's __ could be the saint with whom he/ she shares a name.
    patron saint
  33. __ are also chosen as __ or __ over areas of life (occupations, illness, countries, etc.) This practice seems to go back to the __ century.
    • patron saints
    • special protectors/ guardians
    • fourth
  34. For example,
    Patron saints:
    - school children
    - teenagers
    - children
    - college
    • 1) St. Benedict
    • 2) St. Maria Goretti and St. Aloysius Gonzaga
    • 3) St. Nicholas
    • 4) St. Thomas Aquinas
  35. The patron saint of the USA is the __, with the title, __.
    • Blessed Mother
    • Immaculate Conception
  36. Patron saint of victims of abse
    St. Monica
  37. Prayed for her son's conversion for __ years--it finally happened.
    • 17 years
    • St. Monica
  38. St. Augustine's mother
    St. Monica
  39. Eventually converted to Christianity; became a priest; founded an order of priests (__) and became a bishop
    • Augustinians
    • St. Augustine
  40. Born in Africa
    St. Augustine
  41. Led a wild life before his conversion
    St. Augustine
  42. Founder of the Franciscan order
    St. Francis of Assisi
  43. Turned his life around after an encounter with a leper-- he saw this experience as God testing the depth of is compassion
    St. Francis of Assis
  44. Patron saint of animals--known for his deep connection to animals and nature
    St. Francis of Assisi
  45. Patron saint of universities and students
    St. Thomas Aquinas
  46. A Dominican priest
    St. Thomas Aquinas
  47. A great theologian; his greatest work was teh "__"
    • St. Thomas Aquinas
    • Summa Theologica
  48. First saint canonized from the Americas
    St. Rose of Lima
  49. Born in Peru
    St. Rose of Lima
  50. Known to have been very beautiful--feared that her beauty could tempt others
    St. Rose of Lima
  51. Known as __ of the __.
    • Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
    • Lily of the Mohawks
  52. Converting to Christianity caused great problems between her and her family and community
    Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
  53. (not yet canonized) 1st Native American to be called "blessed"
    Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
  54. Converted to Catholicism after her husband's death
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  55. First native-born American to be canonized a saint
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  56. Her ministry focused on bringing Catholic education to city children, starting in __.
    • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
    • Baltimore, MD
  57. Founder of Catholic education in the US
    St. John Neuman
  58. Learned six languages so that he could hear the confessions of a great number of people
    St. John Neumann
  59. A __ priest who served as __ of __.
    • St. John Neumann
    • Redemptionist
    • archbishop of Philadelphia
  60. Born in Italy, she came to the US with other sisters to work with immigrants in schools, hospitals and orphanages
    St. Frances Cabrini
  61. First American citizen to be canonized
    St. Frances Cabrini
  62. patron saint of immigrants
    St. Frances Cabrini
  63. her ministry focused on meeting the needs of __ and __
    • St. Katherine Drexel
    • Native Americans/ African Americans
  64. Born in Philadelphia
    St. Katherine Drexel
  65. Committed her $20 million fortune to helping others--particularly through education
    St. Katherine Drexel
  66. Her autobiography is called "Story of a Soul."
    St. Therese
  67. Said that she woul dspend her time in heaven doing good for people still on earth
    St. Therese
  68. Expressed her love for God throguh sacrifice and simple acts of loving service to others
    St. Therese
  69. First priest to receive the Stigmata
    St. Padre Pio
  70. Woul dhear confessions for ten- twelve hours a day, believing that the sacrament of reconciliation was a powerful way to connect people with God
    St. Padre Pio
  71. Died in 1968
    St. Padre Pio
  72. Founded the religious order, the __.
    • Blessed Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa)
    • Missionaries of Charity
  73. Chose her name in honor of St. Therese of Lisieux
    Blessed Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa)
  74. Opened centers to care for the dying, the disabled, the elderly, orpahns and the sick in India and all over the world
    Blessed Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa)
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