NRS 122 Mental Health: Depression

  1. True or False: Depression is the 4th leading cause of disability in the U.S?
  2. Define depression
    A depressed mood or loss of interest that lasts at least two weeks and is accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss and difficulty concentrating.
  3. What happens to serotonin in patients with depression?
    Serotonin is decreased...Medication is used to increase the serotonin and minimize one's sx's of depression.
  4. What is serotonin?
    Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is an important regulator of sleep, appetite, and libido.
  5. What is norepinephrine?
    A neurotransmitter where decreased levels of it can resuls in anergia, anhedonia, decreased concentration, and decreased libido.
  6. What is anergia?
    Anergia is a lack of energy.
  7. What is anhedonia?
    Anhedonia is an inability to find meaning or pleasure in existence.
  8. What are two major neurotransmitters involved in depression?
    Serotonin and norepinephrine.
  9. Who is Aaron Beck?
    A psychiatrist who applied cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) to depression.
  10. What is Beck's Cognitive Triad?
    Three negative thoughts that Beck states are responsible for the development of depression. 1.) a negative, self-depreciating view of self (I'm no good," "everyone else seems smarter") 2.) A pessimistic view of the world ("once you're down, you can't get back up," these people view the world and everything around him/ her in a negative way) and 3.) The belief that negative reinforcement will continue (I'll be in this stupid job the rest of my life").
  11. Describe a patient with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).
    These patient's present with a history of one or more major depressive episodes and no history of manic or hypomanic episodes.
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