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  1. Factors that decrease the FiO2 of a low flow O2 delivery device when attached to a PT?
    VT, peak inspiratory flow (PIF), and breathing frequency.
  2. Formula to calc the total flow.
    100-FiO2/FiO2-21 = X/Y (X/Y)/(Y/Y) = T/B (T+B) X Flow
  3. The righ lung is divided into three lobes by?
    horizontal and oblique fissures
  4. the right lower lobe from the right middle and right upper lobe.
    oblique fissures
  5. fissure divides the right upper lobe from the right middle lobe
    horizontal or minor
  6. The left lung is divided into two lobes by
    oblique fissure
  7. Review CPT:
    Did you do it? Good
  8. What are the six things that will affect the accuracy of the electrochemical O2 analyzers?
    Temps above 50 and below 10C, Humidity, Water condensation, positive pressure, NO2 and strond inorganic oxidizers (Cl and F), and PO2.
  9. What are the concerns when placing an artificial airway into the lower airway?
    Bypassing defese mechanisms, weak or no cough, cannot communicate, and lack of humidification.
  10. Four idications for artificial airways?
    reliefe of airway obstruction, facillitation for suctioning, airway protection, and supporting ventilation
  11. What are the materials in the cathode and anode of polarographic analyzers?
    Platinum and silver-silver chloride
  12. Which analyzer has a battery to speed up the process?
  13. what are the materials used for the cathode and anonde in the glvanic fuel cell analyzer?
    gold and lead
  14. What are the three factors we have influence over in aerosol deposition?
    Physical nature of particle, Temp. and humidity, and ventilatory pattern
  15. What kind of therapy can deliver cool bland therapy and medication?
    aerosol therapy
  16. How many lung fissures in the right lung?
  17. How many lung fissures in the left lung?
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