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  1. There are how many players on each side of the court in volleyball?
  2. There are how many in the front row and how many in the back row when playing volleyball?
    3 in the front and 3 in the back row
  3. A team is allowed how many hits on their side before the ball must go over the net?
  4. True or False: A player can hit the ball 2 or sometimes 3 times in a row.
    False, a player CAN NOT hit the ball 2 times in a row. The ball can only be hit 1 time.
  5. True or False: A team may continue to play the ball, even though the ball has hit the net.
  6. True or False:It is ok to touch the net or go over the center line when the ball is in play as long as you don't interfere with the ball.
    False. NO player may touch the net or go over the center line, when the ball is in play.
  7. True or False: A ball that lands on the boundary line is considered "In".
  8. True or False: When serving, the server may step on or over the serving line.
  9. True or False: A serve is allowed to touch the net, as long as it goes over the net.
  10. Can a SERVE be helped over the net by another player?
  11. How many points are in a game of volleyball?
  12. How many points must the winning team be ahead to win the game?
    2 or more
  13. How many games are in a match of volleyball?
  14. To win a match, how many games does a team have to win?
    2 out of 3
  15. True or False: The third game of a match can be played to 15 points, if necessary.
  16. When the serving team does not return the ball over the net, it is called what? What happens next?
    a "Side Out", The non-serving team rotates positions to get a new server.
  17. True or False: A point is scored on every serve, only for the team serving the ball.
    False, a point is scored on every serve, NO MATTER who receives the serve.
  18. True or False: The server may not serve the ball until the referee has blown the whistle and signaled with their hand to serve.
  19. The 3 skills we learned in P.E. are:
    The "Bump" or "Pass" Skill, The "Set" Skill, and Serving the ball
  20. True or False: The "Set" Skill must be done with palms and the ball cannot be slapped.
    False, The fingertips
  21. True or False: The "Bump" or "Pass" Skill is played with the forearms of both arms.
  22. True or False: The serve is hit underhanded after tossing the ball in the air.
    False, it is hit out of the hand holding the ball.
  23. Can a person serve overhand in volleyball?
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