1. nutrients that help build and repair body tissues
  2. which food is considered to have a low nutrient density
    potato chips
  3. obesity can increase risk of developing
  4. most common form of deficiency in the US
  5. weight loss should not exceed
    1-2 lbs/wk
  6. recommended fat intake for a healthy person
    30% or less of total calorie intake
  7. soy sauce is high in __ which may cause a problem for high BP
  8. food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws are referred to as
  9. gastrointestinal tract movement
  10. how can one increase levels of HDL in the blood
    quit smoking, exercise & maintain desirable weight
  11. which of the following plant food contain a considerable amount of fat
  12. a food that contains saturated fat

  13. what types of proteins are consumed repeatedly by vegans
    incomplete proteins
  14. what disease is caused by malnutrition and results in dry hair and thin skin
  15. ____ are organic compounds that are essential in sm. amt. for body processes.
  16. term used for foods that have been supplemented with vitamins
    enriched or fortified
  17. another name for a disease-causing agent is
  18. which temp. range inhibits the growth of bacteria?
    above 140 degrees F or below 40 degrees F
  19. what is the "danger zone" for foods
    between 40 and 140 degrees F
  20. what substance in mold has the ability to cause cancer
    aflatoxins - mycotoxins
  21. pork needs to be cooked to ___ to be rid of all parasites
    170 degrees F
  22. when noninfected food is prepared w/ equipment that has been used to prepare infected food:
    cross-contamination occurs
  23. generalized term for a substance that causes hypersensitivity
  24. how many additional calories a day should a woman consume during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters
    additional 300 calories
  25. which nutrient does not need to be increased during pregnancy
    vit. A
  26. condition when nausea persists and becomes so severe that it is life threatening
    Hyperemisis gravidarum
  27. which 2 conditions can be relieved by eating high-fiber foods
    constipation & hemorrhoids
  28. craving for nonfood substances such as starch or clay
    pica (not pico :-)
  29. during lactation, approximately how many extra calories are recommended daily
    500 cal/day
  30. by 6 mo.s, a baby's weight can
  31. burping can help
  32. food that should not be offered to a baby
  33. best food for a premature infant

    breast milk
  34. approx. weight gain during the 2nd year of a child's life
    5 lbs.
  35. good ex. of a nutritious snack for a child under the age of 4 would be
    cheese & crackers
  36. whom do adolescents typically prefer to imitate
    their peers
  37. treatment option for a person with anorexia nervosa
    provide family & individual counseling
  38. accumulation of fat in the liver can be caused by
  39. smokers need an increase of which vit.
    vit. C
  40. how many calories are in carbohydrates
    4 cal/gm
  41. how many calories are in protein
    4 cal/gm
  42. how many calories are in fat
    9 cal/gm
  43. how many calories are in alcohol
    7 cal/gm
  44. what is a normal weight gain during pregnancy for a underweight woman
    between 28 and 40 lbs
  45. pregnant adolescents are particularly prone to

    pregnancy-induced hypertension

  46. calories in 1 ounce of breast milk
    20 cal.
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