FAR Part 91

  1. Where does FAR Part 91 apply?
    • (91.1 Aplicability) Within the United States including coastal waters up to 3 miles of the U.S. Coast. Between 3 and 12 miles specific sections of FAR Part 91 apply.
    • Applies to all persons aboard the aircraft unless otherwise specified.
  2. Who is ultimately responsible for each flight within ATC controlled airspace?
    91.3 PIC Authority and Responsibility. The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft
  3. Does a situation exist where a pilot in command may act contrary to the FARs at his or her discrestion?
    (91.3 PIC Authority and Responsibility).In an in-flight emergency requiring immediate action, the pilot in command may deviate from any rule of this part to the extent required to meet that emergency.
  4. If a pilot deviates from a rule for an inflight emergency, what may be required of the pilot?
    (91.3) PIC Authority and Responsibility. Each pilot in command who deviates from a rule under paragraph (b) of this section shall, upon the request of the Administrator, send a written report of that deviation to the Administrator.
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