Directional Terms

  1. Cephalic
    towards the head
  2. Superior
    • body part is above another; to move upwards
    • Ex: thoracic cavity is superior to the abdominopelvic cavity
  3. Anterior
    • (ventral)
    • towards the front
    • Ex: the eyes are anterior to the brain
  4. Medial
    • a body part is medial if it is closer to the midline than another part
    • Ex: the nose is medial to the eyes
  5. Proximal
    • a body part that is closer to a point of attachment to the trunk than another body part
    • Ex: the elbow is proximal to the wrist
  6. Superficial (external)
    near the surface
  7. Caudal
    towards the tail
  8. Inferior
    • body part is below another; towards the feet
    • Ex: the neck is inferior to the hear
  9. Posterior (Dorsal)
    • towards the back
    • Ex: the pharynx is posterior to the oral cavity
  10. Lateral
    • toward the side away from the midline
    • Ex: the ears are lateral to the eyes
  11. Distal
    • a body part is farther from a point of attachment to the trunk than another part
    • Ex: the fingers are distal to the wrist
  12. Deep (internal)
    • farther from the surface, more internal than superficial parts
    • Ex: dermis is the deep layer of the skin
  13. Plantar
    sole of foot
  14. Palmer
    palm of hand
  15. Parietal
    outer, more superficial layer of membrane
  16. Supine
    facing upward or forward
  17. Oblique
    at an angle
  18. Dorsal of Foot
    upper surface of foot
  19. Dorsal of Hand
    back of hand
  20. Visceral
    deeper layer of membrane
  21. Prone
    facing downward or backward
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