1. orbicularis oris
    closure of eyelids
  2. orbicuaris oris
    closes and protudes lips
  3. temporalis
    assist in side to side movements of mandible
  4. masseter
    elevated mandible
  5. sternocleidmastoid
    bends neck latterally
  6. diaphram
    flattens on contraction increasing the verticle dimensions of thorax
  7. rectus abdominis
    flexes the vertebral column
  8. external oblique
    flex vertebral column anteriorly.
  9. internal oblique
    aids rectus abdominis in flexing vertebral column
  10. pectoralis major
    adducts and medially rotates arm
  11. pectoralis minor
    with rib fixed it draws the scapula forward and downward
  12. serratus anterior
    abducts prtrcts and upwardly rotates the scapula
  13. trapezius
    stabilizes raises retracts and rotates the scapula
  14. latissimus dorsi
    extends adducts and medially rotates arm
  15. deltoid
    abducts the arm
  16. supraspinatus
    abduct the arm and act to stabalize the humeral head of the glenoid cavity during movements of the shoulder joint
  17. biceps brachii
    flexes the humerus
  18. triceps brachii
    extends the humerus
  19. flexor digitorum superficialis
    flexes the wrist and the middle phalanges of fingers two through five
  20. quadratus femoris
    laterally rotates the thigh at the hip joint
  21. gluteus maximus
    extedns and laterally rotates thigh
  22. gluteus medius
    extends and flexes hip
  23. gluteus minimus
    flexes hip
  24. tensor fasciae latae
    assist in abduction medial rotation and flexion of thigh
  25. sartorious
    flexes laterally rotates and abducts the hip joint
  26. rectus femoris
    extends the leg at the knee and flexes the thighat the hip joint.
  27. vastus medialis
    extends the leg at the knee joint and draws the patella medially.
  28. vastus lateralis
    extends the knee joint and exerts a lateral oull on the patella
  29. vastus intermedius
    extends the keen at the joint
  30. biceps femoris
    flexes and laterally rotates the knee joint and extend the thigh
  31. gracilis
    adducts thigh at hip joint and flexes leg at knee joint
  32. gastrocnemius
    plantar flexion of the ankle joint and assists in flexion of the knee joint
  33. soleus
    plantar flexion of the ankle and stabalizes the leg over the foot
  34. flexor digitorum longus
    flexes distal phalanges of lateral four toes
  35. tibialis anterior
    dorsiflexionof the foot at the ankle and inversion of the foot
  36. fibularis longus
    plantar flexion and eversion of the foot
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