Econ Ch. 13 Sec 3 Vocab

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  1. Census
    Complete count of population, including place of residence.
  2. Urban Population
    Those persons not living in rural(countryside rather than the town) areas.
  3. Rural population
    Those persons not living in urban areas.
  4. Center of population
    Point where the country could balance if it were flat and everyone weighed the same.
  5. Demographer
    Person who studies growth, density, and other characteristics of the population.
  6. Fertility rate
    Number of births that 1,000 women are expected to undergo in their lifetime.
  7. Life expectancy
    Average remaining life span in years for persons who attain a given age.
  8. Net immigration
    Net population chance after accounting for those who leave as well as enter a country.
  9. Baby boom
    Historically high birthrate years in the United States.
  10. Population pyramid
    Diagram showing the breakdown of population by age and sex.
  11. Dependency ratio
    Ratio of children and elderly per 100 persons who are in the 18-64 working age bracket.
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Econ Ch. 13 Sec 3 Vocab
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