confurmation ch 25

  1. WHY DID jesus decend into hell
    to make proclamation
  2. why is jesus descent into hell part of his state f exaltation rather than his state of humiliation
    show power ovver death and hell and the devil
  3. christs resurrecction gives us certainty and proof of the following
    • a. son of god
    • b.doctrine is truth
    • c.saved us because of what jesus did
    • d.all believers go to heaven
  4. what compfort do i feeel knowing jesus died and rose again to save me
    good because im going to heaven even though the world is tough and pushed god away from us
  5. i am the ________ and the ___________. he who ________in me will _________ even though he _____ and ______ lives and ________ in me will _______ die
    i am the resurection and the life he who belives in me will live even though he dies and whoever lives and belives in me will never die.
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