APUSH Test Ch.34-36

  1. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) 1933
    Created National Recovery Administration (NRA)

    Administered codes of fair practices for businesses and industry

    Declared Unconstitutional in Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States

    Created Public Works Administration (PWA) to provide money for construction or improvement of the infrastructure and public buidlings
  2. Securities Act 1933
    Gave Federal Trade Commission power to supervise new issue of stock

    Required statement of financial information to accompany new stock issues

    Made Company directors liable-civilly and criminally-for misrepresentation
  3. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
    Bought, built, and operated dams

    Generated and sold electricity

    Plan flood control and reforestation projects

    Withdrew poor land from farming

    Use of TVA rates as a yardstick to gauge rates charged by private utilities, controversial
  4. Farm Credit Administration (FCA) 1933
    Provided funding for farm mortgages
  5. Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) 1933
    Provided funding for home mortgages
  6. Securites and Exchange Act 1934
    Provided for federal regulation of securites exchanges

    Established the Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  7. Banking Act of 1935
    Reorganized the Federal Reserve System to give the Federal Reserve Board control over open-market operations
  8. Emergency Banking Act 1933
    Allowed inspection of bank records to enable financially stable banks to reopen; validated Bank Holiday

    Permitted Reconstruction Finance Coorporation (RFC) to buy stocks of banks in trouble, giving the banks an infusion of new capital, "pump priming"
  9. Glass-Steagall Banking Act 1933
    Established Federal Deposit Insurance Coorporation (FDIC) to insure bank deposits
  10. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) 1933
    Provided work on projects such as building roads and airports, schools and playgrounds, and parks
  11. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 1933
    Provided jobs related to conservation of natural resources to men between 17-25
  12. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) 1933
    In order to raise prices, limited farm production by paying subsidies to farmers to withhold land from cultivation

    Declared unconstitutional in 1936

    Replaced with Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act in 1936 and second Agricultural Adjustment Act 1938 to keep surpluses in check and prices of agricultural commodities and farm incomes up
  13. National Youth Administration (NYA) 1935
    Provided work-relief, training, and employment to people between the ages of 16-25 who were not full time students

    Provided part-time employment for students to enable them to stay in school
  14. Social Securities Act of 1935
    Established unemployment compensation

    Established old-age pension fund

    Set up grants to states for care of needy dependent children, the physically disabled and women, and children in poverty

    Did not cover all jobs, such as farmers, farm hands, and domestics, excluding 80% of blacks
  15. Works Progress Administration (WPA) 1935
    Provided employment on infrastructure projects, such as dredging rivers and building highways

    Created projects for artists, writers, actors, and musicians

    (Think Barter Theatre)
  16. National Labor Relations Act (WAGNER ACT) 1935
    Authorized Nation Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to oversee unnion elections and define and prohibit unfair labor practices
  17. Fair Labor Standards Act *Wages and Hours Act* 1938
    Set maximum of 44 hours week and minimum wage for interstate workers
  18. Marcus Garvey
    Leader of the 1920's Back to Africa movement
  19. A. Mitchell Palmer
    Contributed to Red Scare
  20. Grandma Moses
    Anna Moses, folk artist Grandma painter who emphasized nostalgia for a simpler time
  21. Sinclair Lewis
    author of Babbit, Main Street, and other novels critical of the superficiality of American society
  22. Albert Fall
    Corrupt Secretary of Interior who played a large part in the Teapot Dome Scandal
  23. Term for Hoover's attitude of toughing out the difficult time and pulling yourself up
    Rugged Individualism
  24. Frances Perkins
    1st woman in US Cabinet, Secretary of Labor
  25. Buying stock on credit
  26. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    caused shift in 1930s towards more optomistic American Literature
  27. Aimee McPherson
    turned fundamentalism into mass entertainment
  28. H. L. Mencken
    Editor of American Murcury, Doing Good is in bad taste
  29. Emergency Quota Act of 1921
    stemmed immigration to 3%
  30. Immigration Act of 1924
    stemmed immigration down to 2%
  31. Columbian Professor who supported learning by doing
    John Dewey
  32. Attorney of John T. Scopes
    William Jennings Bryant
  33. Prosecution Attorney in Scopes Trial
    Clarence Darrow
  34. Treasury Secretary whose tax policies favored rapid expansion of capital investment
    Andrew Mellon
  35. One of the first advertisers
    Bruce Barton
  36. Fiery feminist and proponent of birth-control
    Margaret Sanger
  37. Harding's Friends
    The Ohio Gang
  38. Secretary of State under Harding
    Charles Evans Hughes
  39. Attorney General under Harding
    Attorney General, member of Ohio Gang
  40. Secretary of Commerce under Harding
    Herbert Hoover
  41. Reversed Muller v Oregon and claimed Women were legal equals to Men
    Adkins v Children's Hospital
  42. Set a 10 year military ship building holiday
    Washington Disarmament Conference in 1921-1922
  43. Pact that deemed any war other than a defensive war wrong
    Kellog-Briand Pact
  44. Agricultural Marketing Act set up what board?
    Federal Farm Board which lent out money to farm organizations seeking to buy, sell, and store agricultural surpluses
  45. Agency Government lending bank designed to provide indirect relief by assisting insurance companies, banks, agricultural organizations, railroads,
    Reconstruction Finance Coorporation (RFC)
  46. Glass-Steagal Banking Reform Act set up
    Federal Deposit Insurance Coorporation (FDIC) which insured deposits up to $5,000
  47. Catholic Priest of Michigan who began broadcasting in 1930
    Father Charles Coughlin
  48. Louisiana Senator who publicized his "Share the Wealth" program which promised to make "Every Man a King"
    Huey P. "Kingfish" Long
  49. Head of the Public Works Administration (PWA)
    Harold L. Ickes, former Bull Mooser
  50. Watchdog administration of Stocks
    SEC Securites Exchange Commission
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