Hist Test 2 Part 9

  1. The federal government was giving farmers subsidies so that they wouldn’t
    · farm as much of the land to save it but that didn’t advertise very well; so the surplus food they got that they didn’t need, they would ship out of the country to 3rd world countries, which was called surplus disposal. If giving food to foreign countries, they thought the countries would vote the right ways towards the United Nations
  2. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freedman looked at
    food for peace in Vietnam.
  3. Kennedy inherited the problem of
    • · Fidel Castro and his revolution; the plan to reverse this was during Eisenhower’s presidency and he worked with the CIA to get rid of Castro. Cubans were ready to be in a counter revolutionary war with the Americans; Americans thought of
    • Cubans as a light skinned type of people and thus, the Americans accepted them.
  4. The CIA in the late 1960’s planned on the
    · Bay of Pigs operation which included an invasion on Cuba; Eisenhower wanted to have a counter revolution against Castro and used the Cubans in American training in Guatemala to help them with this counter revolution.
  5. Kennedy gave the go ahead
    of the Bay of Pigs operation
    • in May of 1961; the invasion started in April 17th by the Cuban’s in an airlift and were caught on the beach and were not anticipating an uprising. Some of the American CIA’s were prisoners of war that flew over and were shot down in Cuba; it
    • became apparent that the mission was a failure unless the United States helped out, and Kennedy shot that down.
  6. In the aftermath, the prisoners of war were
    • · returned, there were around 9,700, only 3 were CIA agents and the rest were Cuban exiles; the Kennedy administration
    • used drugs and food to deal with the Cubans. The American drug company’s “donated” there drugs to the Cubans and wrote them off on their taxes; Castro used these drugs for the new health program he created.
  7. Alan Dulles lost
    · his job and told Kennedy that this whole operation would work very well and it obviously didn’t; by September of 1961, John McCown was now the new director of the CIA.
  8. Kennedy still wanted to
    · get rid of Castro after all these operations; he wanted to assassinate him in operation mongoose by using the cigars that Castro used or by using the Cuban Mafia. Kennedy’s administration then was tied into with the Mafia; none of these efforts worked before Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon Johnson then took over and fell into operation mongoose but didn’t want to go further with it because he thought Castro’s people killed Kennedy because of what he was trying to do to Castro.
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