Facial Muscles

  1. orbicularis oculi
    • muscle around the eye
    • resonsible for blinks, winking, and closing eyes

    (oculi - ojos, oscuro, binoculars, optical)
  2. sternocleidomastoid
    • located in the neck
    • responsible for moving the head toward the sternum
  3. masseter
    • located behind the buccinator
    • responsible for clentch the jaw
  4. zygomaticus
    • located around and near the zygomatic arch
    • the smiling muscle
  5. temporalis
    • located around the temporal lobe and bone
    • chewing muscle
    • can also throb when headache occur
  6. epicranius
    composed of the frontalis (front - responsible for furrowing eyebrows and wrinkling forehead) and occipitalis (back of the head near of the occipital lobe and bone) muscles
  7. platysma
    • pouting muscle
    • located in the fornt of the neck
  8. orbicularis oris
    • located around the mouth
    • functions: puckering, kissing, forming words
  9. buccinator
    • contracting)
    • composes the cheeks
    • used to blow for example, to play instruments, or blow out a birthday candle

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Facial Muscles
Facial Muscles