greetings and expressions

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  1. what do you want from me?
    che voui da me?
  2. everythings good/cool
    tutto a posto
  3. whatever
  4. word
  5. husband and wife
    marito e moglie
  6. do you live alone?
    vivi da solo/a?
  7. im begging you!
    ti prego!
  8. dont mention it
    non c'è di che
  9. its nothing
    (non fa) niente
  10. i follow you
    ti seguo
  11. Break a leg. (Phrase and response).
    • In bocca al lupo! - Crepi il lupo!
    • Lit. - In the mouth of the wolf. Die the wolf.
  12. Kick ass! Good Fucking Luck! (Phrase and response).
    • In culo alla balena! - Speriamo che non caghi!
    • Lit. - Up the ass of a whale. Let's hope he doesn't shit!
  13. No shit! Don't tell me about it! You don't say?!
    • Non me lo dire!
    • Lit. - Don't tell me it.
  14. Get out of here! you're kidding!
    • Dai!
    • Lit. - you go, more like an expression like just "go"
  15. I get it; I hear you
  16. Get a load of that!
    Che roba!
  17. For sure. Without doubt.
    senza dubbio
  18. okay, I agree
  19. who knows? who can say?
  20. How disgustin
    Che schifo
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