1. The gospels are historical theologically driven accounts of what?
    Of the life and ministry of Jesus
  2. The four gospels
    Matthew Mark Luke John
  3. The author of Luke is...
    the author of both Luke and Acts
  4. Theme from Mark
    • 1. Jesus as Messiah
    • 2. Jesus as Suffering Servant
  5. Some of the themes from Matthew are:
    • 1. Jesus as Immanuel
    • 2. Jesus as Isreal
    • 3. Jesus as Authority
  6. Themes from Luke are:
    • 1. Jesus love and concern for the outcasts
    • 2. Jesus as story teller
    • 3. Jesus and the new covenant
  7. Themes from John:
    • 1. Jesus as the word of God
    • 2. Jesus as I am
    • 3. Jesus as servant
    • 4. The ministry of the Holy Spirit
  8. The theme from the Book of Acts is:
    The church filled with the Holy Spirit, takes the message of restoration from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth
  9. Some sub themes in the Book of Acts are:
    • 1. The ministry to the Jews
    • 2. The universality of God's mission of restoration
    • 3. The ministry of Paul
  10. Most likely the order of the writing of the Gospels was:
    Mark, Matthew, Luke, John
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