Male Reproductive System

  1. Anorchism
    absence of one or both testes
  2. Aspermina
    Complete lack of semen
  3. B.P.H.
    Benign Prostastic Hyperplasia
    Benign enlargement of the prostate
  4. Castrate
    Any surgical procedure where the male or female loses function of private parts
  5. Circumcision
    surgical removal of foreskin on penis
  6. Cryptorchidism
    Birth defect where the testes do not descend
  7. Epispadias
    Rare type of malformation of the penis where the uretha tube is not fully developed so urine has to deposited another way
  8. E.D.
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Can not maintain erect penis
  9. Hydrocele
    Fluid filled sact around the spermatic cord within the scrotum
  10. Hydospadias
    When the uretha opens under the surface of the penis
  11. Infertility
    Unable to concieve a baby or the sperm needed
  12. Oligospermina
    Semen with low concentration of sperm
  13. Orchiectomy
    Removal of the testes
  14. Prostate Cancer
    Cancer in the prostate gland
  15. Prostatectomy
    Removal of the prostate
  16. Prostatitis
    Inflamation of the prostate
  17. Spermatgensis
    Development of sperm cells
  18. Spermicide
    Sperm killer
  19. Varicocele
    Enlargment of viens in the scrotum
  20. Vasectomy
    Surgical procedure for male sterization
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