russia and its republics

  1. what sea is above norway, sweden, and finland?
    hint: rymes with parents!
    barents sea
  2. where does the lena river run threw?
    above central siberian plaute
  3. where is the central siberian plaute located?
    under the lena river
  4. where is the amur river located?
    to the left of the sea of ohjotsh and the sakhalin islands
  5. where is the sea of ohjotsh located?
    to the right amur river and above the sakhalin islands
  6. where is the sakhalin island located?
    under the sea of ohjotsh
  7. where is lake baikal?
    south of the central siberian plaute
  8. where is siberia located?
    it extends northeast from the central sirberian plaute
  9. where is the kamchatka peninsula located?
    north of the sea of oh. !
  10. where is the west siberian plains located?
    west of the central siberian plaute
  11. where is the northern european plains located?
    west of the west siberian plains
  12. where is the ural mtns located?
    west of the west siberian plains
  13. where is the ob river located?
    inbetween the ural mtns and the west s plains
  14. where is the tian shan mtns located?
    close to the border of mongolia
  15. where is the kara kum desert located?
    southeast from the caspin sea
  16. where is the kyzyl desert located?
    near the mongolia
  17. where is the aral sea located?
    east of the caspin sea
  18. where is caspin sea located?
    southwest of the ural mtns
  19. where is the black sea located?
    northwest of the caspin sea
  20. where is the volga river located at?
    to the left of the ural mtns
  21. where is the kuril island located?
    southeast of the kamchatka peninsula
  22. where is the dneiper river located?
    northeast of the black sea
  23. where is the crimean peninsula located?
    right in the black sea
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