Revelation in Seven Acts

  1. Act One: The Church on Earth
    • The Introduction and Prologue
    • Greetings to the Seven Churches:
    • Ephesus
    • Smyrna
    • Pergamum
    • Thyatira
    • Sardis
    • Philadelphia
    • Laodicea
  2. Act Two: Gods Purpose in History
    • Seven seals are broken by the lamb:
    • the white horse - conquest, war on others
    • the red horse - the rider permitted to take peace from earth, war again
    • the black horse - famine, often represented by a pair of scales
    • the pale green horse - color of death, outcome of war
    • the martyrs - the suffering that the faithful are going through will continue, saw the slaughtered people, speaking directly to Christian people being prosecuted. Message of Hope, hope is coming.

    The eschatological events - apocalyptic woes.

    • Interlude:
    • The sealing of the saints - 144,000 saints are sealed, 12 tribes of 12,000, metaphor for isreal (the perfect people of God). Only a symbol, sense of complete church made up of the saved ones.
    • The Seventh seal - Silence
  3. Act Three: The Church in Tribulation
    • The seven trumpets sound (Plague of Exodus)
    • hail and fire
    • burning mountain
    • falling stars
    • darkness in the land
    • locusts from the pit
    • the evil cavalry

    • Woman and the Dragon
    • Birth of Christ... born and snatched away, no mention to crucifixion or resurrection, very short telling of the life of Jesus.
    • Dragon - seven heads (rome), ten horns (ten emperors), seven crowns (perfect image of power)
    • 1260 days - 3.5 years (and incomplete set of time, on your way to triumph)
    • Woman - Mary, fleeing away to the church, about a time of waiting, a time or preparation, John had just mentioned in chapter 6 that more people were going to die, and when asked long should they wait, it was going to be longer.
  4. Act Four: The Salvation of The Church
    • The visions of conflict:
    • the women and the dragon
    • the beast from the sea
    • the beast from the land
    • the lamb and the martyrs
    • Doom to babylon
    • Armageddon
  5. Act Five: The World in Agony
    • The Seven Bowls are poured out:
    • Plague on earth
    • Plague on the sea
    • Plague in rivers and springs
    • Plague on the Sun
    • Plague on the darkness (evil)
    • Plague that leads to battle (Armageddon)
    • Plague in the air
  6. Act Six: The Judgement of the World
    • Seven plagues unfold
    • - the women on the beat
    • - the beast at war with the woman
    • - the final cosmic speech

    • Seven verdicts from angels
    • - the word of God on a white horse
    • - the angel in the sun
    • - an image of victory
    • - Satan cast into the abyss
  7. Act Seven: Church Victorious
    • Seven Images of Victory:
    • the throng of God
    • the final Judgment
    • a new heaven and a new earth
    • a new Jerusalem (the city measured)
    • the glory of God
    • the source of all life - a new paradise

    Epilogue: Finale Benediction
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