Skin ICM

  1. What is the pathology in Bullous Pemphigoid?
    • acantholysis and bullae formation
    • due to ab to hemidesmosome
  2. Tinea Corporis is identified how?
    KOH and see septate hyphae
  3. What infection produces hypopigmented lesions?
    Mallesseiza Fur Fur--forming Tinea Versicolor
  4. Ascending lymphangitis is for what infection?
  5. Rx for sporotrix?
  6. What is cigar shaped yeast?
  7. How does a rash of Measles presetn?
    • rash starts at the head and spreads down
    • preceded by cough, coryza, conjunctivits,koplik spots on the buccal mucosa
  8. Umbilicated lesions are seen with what virus?
    Pox virus--replicates int eh cytoplasm
  9. Scabies is casued by what?
    burrowing mite in the epidermis which causes intense pruritis due to an allergic response
  10. Atopic dermatitis?
    Associated with?
    • pruritic papulovesicular rash with crusting
    • Asthma, allergic rhinits
  11. Atopic dermatitis is what hypersensitivity?
    Contact dermatitis?
    • I
    • IV
  12. Nail pitting is seen in conjunction with what condition?
  13. Psoriasis
    • acanthosis
    • parakeratosis
    • producing silvery papules and plaques
    • Auspitz sign..
  14. Psoriasis plaques are seen where on the body?
    extensor compartments
  15. Melasma(Choasma)
    hyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy or OCP use
  16. What is vitiligo?
    abs destroying Melanocytes producing areas of depigmentation
  17. cause for albinism?
    • decrease in tyrosinase
    • failure of neural crest cells to migrate
  18. Phenylalanine and tyrosine hydroxylase need what cofactor?
  19. Acitinic Keratosis?
    • erythomatous papule
    • precursor to SCC
  20. How does BCC present?
    • pearly papule with rolled edges and central depression that could ulcerate with telangiectasia
    • Doesnt metastesize
  21. What is seen on LM with BCC?
    nests of palisading cells
  22. Chronic draining sinuses predispose tow what?
  23. Best indicator for prognosis of Melanoma?
    depth of invasion
  24. Drug rash presents how?
    What hypersensitivity?
    • wheal(hive)--transietnt vesicle
    • TYpe I--mast cell degranulation
  25. Acanthosis Nigricans?
    • acanthosis--s. spinosum hyperplasia and pigmentation of epidermis due to
    • 1. Malignancy--lung, gastric
    • 2. Hyperglycemia
  26. Erythema nodosum
    • inflammation of subcutaneous fat due to
    • disseminated fungal infection
    • sarcoidosis
    • strep
  27. Mees lines are due to what?
    • arsenic poisoning
    • HF
    • other heavy metal poisoning
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