MM Vocab

  1. abscond
    • to depart secretly and hide oneself
    • escape, break out (of), clear out, flee, fly, get out, lam, run away, run off
    • the subject ()ed to Canada
    • Several prisoners ()ed from the jail.
  2. onerous (ahnerous)
    • involving, imposing, or constituting a burden : troublesome ( a ____ task)
    • having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages ( an _____ contract)
    • bitter, brutal, burdensome, cruel, excurciating, grievous, grim, hard, hardhanded, heavy, inhuman, murderous, harsh, oppressive, rough, rugged, searing, severe, stiff, tough, trying
  3. benzene
    a colorless volatile flammable toxic liquid aromatic hydrocarbon c6h6 used in organic synthesis as a solvent, and as a motor fuel.
  4. polonaise (pa lon aze)
    • an elaborate short-sleeved overdress with a fitted waist and a draped cutaway overskirt
    • a stately Polish processional dance popular in 19th century Europe
  5. impudent
    • lacking modesty
    • marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others : insolent
    • arch, audacious, bold, bold-faced, brash, brassbound, brassy, brazen, brazen-faced, cheeky, cocksure, cocky, fresh, impertinent, nervy, insolent, sassy, saucy, wise
  6. perenial
    • present at all seasons of the year
    • persistent, enduring
    • ageless, continuing, dateless, enduring, eternal, everlasting, immortal, imperishable, lasting, ongoing, abding, perpetual, timeless, undying
  7. resonant
    • continuing to sound : echoing
    • intinsified and enriched by or as if by resonance
    • golden, orotund, plangent, resounding, reverberant, reverberating, reverberative, ringing, rotund, round, sonorous, vibrant
  8. solvent
    • able to pay all legal debts
    • that dissolves or can dissolve
  9. inimical
    • being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence
    • having the disposition of an enemy; hostile
    • unfriendly, adversarial, antagonistic, antipathetic, inhospitable, hostile, juandiced, mortal, negative, unfriendly, unsympathetic
  10. cadge
    beg, sponge
  11. enigma
    • an obscure speech or writing
    • something hard to understand or explain
    • an inscrutable or mysterous person
    • mystery, closed book, conundrum, mystery, head-scratcher, mystification, puzzle, puzzlement, riddle, secret
  12. pendulous
    • poised without visible support
    • suspended as to swing freely
    • bowed, bowing, declined, descendant, descending, drooping, droopy, hanging, hung, inclining, nodding, sagging, stooping, weeping
  13. diadem
    • crown: a royal headband
    • something that adorns like a crown
    • chaplet, coronal, coronet, crown
  14. insouciance (in soosyance)
    • lighthearted unconcern : nonchalance
    • apathy, casualness, complacence, disinterestedness, disregard, incuriosity, incuriousness, indifference, nonchalance, torpor, unconcern
  15. importunate
    • troublesomely urgant : overly persistant in request or demand
    • burning, clamant, compelling, critical, crying, dire, emergent, exigent, imperative, imperious, acute, instant, necessitous, pressing, urgent
  16. interlocutor
    one who takes part in dialogue or conversation
  17. adroit
    • having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefullness in handling
    • clever, dexterious
  18. retinue (ret in oo)
    • a group of retainers or attendants
    • entourage, following, posse, cortege, suite, tail, train
  19. erudition
    • extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books : profound, recondite, or bookish learning
    • education, knowledge, learnedness, learning, literacy, scholarship
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