history 10:3

  1. word order
    • Is
    • Sam

    • F
    • Ok
    • A
    • C

    • Ir
    • Ik

    • Ak
    • Mars
  2. Known as Avicenna in Europe, this famous Persian physician became a doctor at 16 and wrote the CANON ON MEDICINE
    Ibn Sina
  3. The ability to move up in social class
    social mobility
  4. The poet who wrote a history of Persia called BOOK OF KINGS
  5. This Muslim astronomer and scholar wrote THE RUBAIYAT
    Omar Khayyam
  6. A short, entertaining story, often historical
  7. The art of beautiful handwriting
  8. Known as Averoes in Europe, this Muslim philosopher and scholar put all knowledge to the test except for the Quran
    Ibn Rushd
  9. This Arab thinker set standards for the scientific study of history, and stressed economics and social structure as causes of important events
    Ibn Khaldun
  10. This great Muslim mathematician pioneered the study of algebra
    al- Khwarizmi
  11. This head physician at Baghdad's chief hospital conducted a pioneering study of measles and small pox
    Muhammad al- Razi
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history 10:3
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