Asia 11/28/11

  1. What is South Asia also loosely referred to?
    the Indian sub-continent
  2. What is the theory about India in relation to continental drift?
    • that India was once part of Gondwanaland
    • it separated and shoved itself into the Asian continent
  3. Which mountains are like a drapery knot?
    Pamir Mountains
  4. Where have American soldiers been fighting for years and it very rugged?
    The Hindu Kush Mountains
  5. What mountains are the highest mountains in the world?
    the Himalayas
  6. What is the area called that is made up of all the mountains about India?
    the roof of the world?
  7. What mountains are part of the roof of the world?
    • Pamir Mountains
    • Hindu Kush
    • Himalayas
    • Karakoram
    • Kunlun
  8. on average how high is the area that is called the roof of the world?
    3 miles high
  9. How many people were killed in the earthquake in South Asia in the 1800's?
    850,000 people
  10. What is the main characteristic about the mountainous areas of South Asia?
    it is incredibly active
  11. What was the crown jewel of the British empire?
    the whole South Asian area including India
  12. What did the British want to do with South Asia?
    keep it all together
  13. What were the two former names of Sri Lanka? from oldest onward
    • Serendipity
    • Ceylon
  14. What two countries in South Asia don't like each other?
    Pakistan and India
  15. What makes this area climatically extremely unusual?
    Monsoon winds
  16. Where is the high pressure area in South Asia?
    over the Indian sub-continent
  17. Where is the low pressure area around South Asia?
    the Indian Ocean
  18. How does it become 6 months wet and 6 months dry in South Asia?
    • the winds from India go to the Ocean for half the year
    • winds from the ocean go to India for the other half of the year
  19. What is the average calorie intake for an Indian man?
    1100 calories
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