Pocket Chinese Tutor Day 1-2 To L3

  1. 很好
    hen3 hao3 Pretty good
  2. you3 have
  3. dui4 right/correct
  4. neng2 can /ability to
  5. 不错
    bu2 cuo4 Pretty good
  6. cuo4 mistake/wrong
  7. 贵姓
    gui4 xing4 What is your name?
  8. gui4 expensive / your (name)
  9. xing4 family name / surname
  10. 介绍
    jie4 shao4 Introduction
  11. jie4 to introduce
  12. shao4 to continue
  13. 我来介绍一下自己
    wo3 lai2 jie4 shao4 yi2 xia4 zi4 ji3 Allow me to introduce myself
  14. zi4 from/self
  15. 一下
    yi1 xia4 (Used after a verb) give it a go/to do/one time
  16. z自己
    zi4 ji3 oneself
  17. ji3 self
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Pocket Chinese Tutor Day 1-2 To L3
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