Top Half of the Shield

  1. Top Half of the Shield
    Top: Regal Helmet of Protection. Worn by the pretty boys who were second in command to the King. Chosen because it was FLY.
  2. Top Left: Top left quadrant has the Lambda Symbol with three diamonds in the left leg – The Lambda Symbol is a symbol of justice, unity, empowerment for the GLBT Community since 1970, the diamonds were chosen because they are the strongest of the gem family and symbolize purity and strength. Their three Founding Diamonds exercise their never ending love and commitment to this fraternity and without their strength Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Incorporated would not be where it is today.
    Top Center: the top center quadrant has One Opal, Scroll of Alpha Lambda Zeta, and Year of Establishment. The Opal is the official jewel of Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Incorporated. It is the only jewel with a rainbow of colors. The jewel is both diverse and feeds off those who wear it. The Scroll of Alpha Lambda Zeta - their letters are burned on a scroll of knowledge. For those that obtain membership, the scroll should always be remembered as the knowledge of Alpha Lambda Zeta. 2006 is the year of establishment.
  3. Top Right: The top right quadrant has a Tripod of Peace – Tripod of Peace has been used for centuries. It symbolizes their non-violent struggle for peace for all of us. The red band binding the tripod is the bloodshed of the innocent for their cause. They use the tripod to symbolize their intent not to bring harm to others in the fight for their cause.
    Center: Greek Message – Regally Protecting, Educating, and Defending their Community.
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Top Half of the Shield
Top Half of the Shield