C.8 Civics Vocab

  1. Compensation
  2. Presidential Succession
    The order in which officials fill the office of president in case of a vacancy.
  3. Elector
    A member of a party chosen in each state to formally elect the president and vice president.
  4. Electoral Vote
    The official vote for president and vice president by electors in each state.
  5. Cabinet
    Secretaries of the executive departments , the vice president, and other top officials that help the president make decisions and policy.
  6. Leak
    The release of secret information by anonymous government officials to the media.
  7. Central Clearence
    Office of Management and Budget's review of all leglislative proposals that executive agencies prepare.
  8. National Security Adviser
    Director of the National Security Council staff.
  9. Press Secretary
    One of the president's top assisstants who is in charge of media relations.
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C.8 Civics Vocab
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