SOC 101

  1. gender
    ´╗┐refers to the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male
  2. gender stratification
    the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and priveldge between men and women
  3. male/female differeces
    people think gender distinctions are "natural"-bio makes one sex different than the other
  4. 3 studys that highlight masculine and feminie
    • Kibbutz-achieved remarkable social equalityMead's research: studied
    • 3 societies in New Guinea/ concluded that culture is jey to gender
    • distinction/ findings described as too neat, saw the patterns she was
    • looking forMurdock: global agreement on femine and masculine tasks
  5. critical review: global perspective
    • industrialization: muscle power declines, reduces gender differencesb/c
    • gender is too variable to be a simple expression of biology, what it
    • means to be female and male is mostly a creation of societymatriarchymatriarchyrule of mothersform of social organization in which females dominate males 0 42 Wrong Flip Right
  6. matriarchy
    rule of mothersform of social organization in which females dominate males
  7. patriarchy
    rule of fathers. a form of social organization in which males dominate females
  8. sexism
    belief that one sex is superior than the other
  9. the cost of sexism
    • limits the talents and ambitions of half the human population--womenmasculinity
    • in us culture encourages men to engage in high risk behaviors ((linked
    • to suicide, violence, and stress related diseases)
  10. gender and socialization
    gender shape human feelings and thoughts
  11. gender roles
    attitudes and activities that a society links to each sex
  12. gender and family
    • female world: cooperation and emotion
    • male world: independence and action
  13. single sex peer groups
    male games reinforce aggressions and controlfeam peer groups: interpersonal skills of communication and cooperation
  14. gender and schooling
    women are now the majority of students on college campusesmen are dominant in engineering, physics, philosophywomen- fine arts and social sciences
  15. gender and the mass media
    the mass media reinforces gender rolesadvertising perpetuates the "beauty myth"-society teaches women to measure their worth in terms of physical appearance
  16. gander and social stratification
    gender involves more than how people think or act, it's about social heirarchy
  17. working women and men
    59% of women in the work force, 72: work full time
  18. gender and occupations
    high concentration of women in two types of jobs: administrative work and service work (food, child care, health care)men dominate most categorieswomen are kept out of certain "masculine" jobs
  19. glass ceiling
    invisible barrier above women's heads blocking career, not built into laws or anything
  20. gender, income and wealth
    women earn 78 cents to every man's dollarearn less because of the type of work they do
  21. societies view of the family
    u.s. culture gives more responsibility of parenting to women
  22. discrimination against women
    because it is illegal it's practiced in subtle ways
  23. housework: womens second shift
    essential for family lifelittle rewards for doing it
  24. gender and education
    by 1980, women earned majority of associate and bachelor's degreesdifferences in men's and women's majors are becoming smaller1992-first time women earned majority of post graduate degrees
  25. gender and politics
    19th amendement-right to vote for womenwomen make up half the world's population and hold 18% of 188 parliaments around the worl
  26. gender and the military
    women growing share of the u.s. militarytechnology blurs the distinction between ombat and non combat personnel
  27. minority
    any category of people distinguished by physical or cultural difference that a socitey sets apart and subordinates
  28. intersection theory
    the interplay of race, class, gender, often resulting in multiple dimensions of disadvantagegander doesn't operate alone
  29. violence against women
    gender linked violence occurs in the homeglobally, violence against women is built into culture in different ways
  30. rape culture
    extent of sexual abuse shows the tendency toward sexual violence is built into our way of live
  31. gender mutilation
    extent of sexual abuse shows the tendency toward sexual violence is built into our way of live
  32. violence against men
    80% of cases offender is male52% of all victims of violent crimes are menus culture tends to define masculinity in terms of aggression and violence
  33. sexual harrasement
    refers to comments gestures or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are deliberate repeated and unwantedmost victimes are women sometimes obvious and direct other times subtle
  34. structural functional approach
    views society as a complex sytem of many spate but integrated parts-gender serves as a means to organize social life
  35. Talcott parsons: gender and complementary
    gender forms a complementary set of roleslinks women and men into family untiesgives each sex responsibilty for carrying out important taksgender integrates both struturally and morally
  36. critical review: structural function
    functionalism assumes a singular vision of society that is not shared by everyonein the eyes of those seeking sexual equlity gender complimentary amounts to little more than women submitting to male domination
  37. social conflict analysis: gender and power
    traditional ideas about gender benefit menconventional ideas about gender create division and tension
  38. friedrich engels:gender and class
    capitalism intensifies male domination -creates more wealth, which gives greater power to men as earners and owners of propertydouble exploitation of capitalism : pay men low wages for labor, pay women no wages at all
  39. critical review: social conflict
    • social conflict analysis minimizes the extent to which women and men
    • live together cooperativley and often happily, claims that capitalism is
    • the root of gender stratification
  40. feminism
    he advocacy of social equality for women and men, in oppositions to patriarchy and sexism-working to increase equality-expanding human choice-eliminating gender strastification-ending sexual violence-promoting sexual freedom
  41. types of femininsm
    liberal, socialist, radical
  42. opposition to femininsm
    -provokes criticism and resistance from those who hold conventional ideas about gender-feminism undervalues contribution women make to development of children-most opposition to feminism is directed toward socialst and radical forms!liberal=supported
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