digestive system

  1. functions of digestive system (4)
    • breakdown of food into small nutrient particles; digestion
    • absorbtion of nutrients into blood and lymph; absorbtion
    • eliminate the feces; defaction
    • keep unwanted materials out of blood; protection
  2. oral cavity
    ingestion, identifty of food, mastication, secretion of saliva
  3. oropharynx
    carries the bulus from the oral cavity to the laryngopharynx
  4. larygopharynx
    carries the bulus from the oropharynx to the esophagus
  5. esophagus
    caries the bulus from the laryngopharynx to the stomach
  6. stomach
    carries the chyme from the eophagus to the duodenum
  7. duodenum
    carries the chyme from the stomach to the jejunum
  8. jejunum
    carries they chyme from the duodenum to the ileum
  9. ileum
    carries they chyme from the jejunum to the large intestine
  10. brunners gland
    secretes watery alkaline mucous to neutralize the acidic chyme
  11. Pancreas
    • secretes digestive enzymes and pancreatic juice
    • which is then carried by the pancreatic duct to the duodenum
  12. liver
    • secretes bile
    • hepatocytes: manufacture bile
    • Not fat: hepatic duct- common hepatic duct- cystic duct- gallbladder
    • fat: gallbladder- cystic duct- common bile duct- dupdenum
  13. digestive juice is
    bile from liver and pancreatic juice
  14. large intestine
    carries fecal from the ilium to the cecum
  15. peyers patches kill
    bactera that comes from the large intestine
  16. ascening colon
    carries fecal from cecum to the transverse colon
  17. transverse colon
    carries fecal from the ascending colon to the desending colon
  18. desending colon
    carries fecal from the transverse colon to the sigmoid colon
  19. sigmoid colon
    carries fecal from the desending colon to the rectum
  20. rectum
    carries fecal from the sigmoid colon to the anus
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