exploring the dream world

  1. lucid dreaming
    you know you are dreaming
  2. Freud concluded that
    dreams provide insight into our desires which we are unaware of
  3. freud:
    thoughts and objects are translated to symbols, rational part of a mind distors a message that may cause anxiety
  4. Cartwright concludes that:
    getting through a rough period in life takes good dreaming
  5. cognitive approach
    dreaming emphasizes concerns, but doesnt try to problem solve
  6. children cant create dreams until:
    7 or 8
  7. activation synthesis theory
    allan hobson, neurons firing spontaneously in the lower part of the brain(pons) during REM sleep
  8. according to activation synthesis theory the signals originating in the pons:
    have psychological meaning, and the cortex tries to make sense of them by synthesizing with existing knowledge
  9. in activation synthesis theory wishes do not cause dreams:
    brain mechanisms do
  10. psychoanalytic
    express unconcious wishes, interpretations are often far-fetched
  11. problem focused
    express ongoing concerns and/orresolvecurrent problems
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