Power Plus SAT

  1. numismatist
    coin collector
  2. licentious
    • adj. morally unrestrained
    • syn: immoral; lewd
  3. fatalistic
    adj. believing that all events in life are inevitable and determined by fate
  4. paucity
    • n. a scarcity, lack
    • syn: insufficiency
  5. obtrude
    • v. to force oneself into a situation uninvited
    • syn: impose; intrude
  6. pensive
    • adj. dreamily thoughtful
    • syn: reflective; meditative
  7. lackadaisical
    • adj. uninterested; listless
    • syn: spiritless; apathetic; languid
  8. alienate
    • v. to turn away feelings or affections
    • syn: estrange; set against
  9. elated
    • adj. in high spirits; exultantly proud and joyful
    • syn: overjoyed
  10. epigram
    • n. a witty saying expressing a single thought or observation
    • syn: aphorism; mon mot; quip
  11. amalgamate
    • v. to combine
    • syn: unite; blend; merge; consolidate
  12. demented
    • adj. mentally ill; insane
    • syn: deranged; insane
  13. hone
    v. to sharpen
  14. beleaguer
    • v. to besiege by encircling (as with an army); to harass
    • syn: surround; annoy
  15. gorge
    v. to eat or swallow greedily
  16. antiquated
    adj. no longer used or useful; very old
  17. opiate
    n. a narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief from pain
  18. caricature
    • n. an exaggerated portrayal of one's features
    • syn: mockery; cartoon
  19. dally
    • v. to waste time; to dawdle
    • syn: loiter
  20. felonious
    • adj. pertaining to or constituting a major crime
    • syn: criminal
  21. edifice
    • n. a large, elaborate structure; an imposing building
    • syn: fortress
  22. ambidextrous
    adj. equally skillful with either hand
  23. belated
    • adj. delayed
    • syn: tardy; late
  24. animate
    • v. to give life or motion to
    • syn: enliven; encourage; excite
  25. knead
    • v. to work dough or clay into a uniform mixture
    • syn: squeeze; rub; press
  26. chauvinist
    n. one having a fanatical devotion to a country, gender, or religion, with contempt for the other countries, the opposite sex, or other beliefs
  27. egalitarian
    adj. promoting equal rights for all people
  28. berserk
    • adj. in a state of violent or destructive rage
    • syn: frenzied
  29. ostentatious
    • adj. marked by a conspicuous, showy, or pretentious display
    • syn: grandiose
  30. delude
    • v. to mislead; to fool
    • syn: deceive
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