ojo vocabulario seccion 2

  1. soportar
    to tolerate, put up with
  2. mantener
    to support financially ($)
  3. apoyar
    to support as in back or to favor (financially)
  4. sostener
    to support in physical sense of hold or hold up
  5. cerca
    close (physical proximity)
  6. cercano
    • 1.adj. version of cerca,
    • 2. also blood related between relatives
  7. Intimo
    close emotionally , friendship ties
  8. unido
    closeness of family ties (not blood)
  9. importar
    to be interested (construction like gustar)
  10. cuidar
    • to take care for
    • to take care of
  11. volver
    to return to a place
  12. regresar
  13. devolver
    to return something (to someone)
  14. mudarse
    to change residence
  15. trasladarse
    to be moved from place to place
  16. moverse
    to move an object of a part of the body
  17. sentir
    to feel (noun follows)
  18. sentirse
    to feel (adj. afterwards)
  19. tener Exito
    to be successful in:

    • a. life
    • b. particular field/activity
    • (emphasizes idea of being successful)
  20. lograr
    • 1. to succeed (in doing something)
    • 2. to obtain/achieve a goal
    • 3. to manage to do something
  21. suceder
    • to occur, happen,
    • to follow in succession
  22. asistir a
    • 1. to attend an event
    • 2. to be present (at class, meeting, etc.)
  23. atender
    to wait on, to take care of
  24. ayudar
    to assist/ help
  25. ponerse
    • to become + adj.
    • (indicate change in physical, emotional state)
  26. volverse
    signals dramatic, often irreversible change
  27. llegar a ser
    to get to be (gradual change over time)
  28. hacerse
    intentional, gradual change over time
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ojo vocabulario seccion 2
soportar, unido, sentirse, lograr