Reactions of carbon compounds

  1. An addition reaction is when the _____ or ______ covalent bond opens and the other reactant adds on
    • double
    • triple
  2. How many products are formed in an addition reaction?
  3. How many times do alkynes undergo an addition reaction?
  4. When alkenes react with water in an addition reaction, ________ are formed?
  5. What is hydration?
    • The addition of water to one molecule
    • eg ethene + water → ethanol
  6. What is the opposite reaction to hydration?
    • Dehydration - the removal of water from one molecule
    • eg ethanol → ethene + water
  7. What is the catalyst in dehydration?
    Aluminium oxide
  8. What can oxidation be classed as?
    • The:
    • loss of electrons
    • gain of oxygen
    • loss of hydrogen
  9. Can alkanols be completely oxidised?
  10. Name two oxidising agents
    • Acidified potassium dichromate
    • Hot copper (II) oxide
  11. What is the colour change in hot copper (II) oxide?
    black → brown
  12. What happens to a primary alkanol when it is oxidised?
    Primary alkanol → alkanal → alkanoic acid
  13. What happens to a secondary alkanol when it is oxidised?
    Secondary alkanol → alkanone
  14. What happens to a tertiary alkanol when it is oxidised?
    Nothing - there is no reaction
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