immunology week 5

  1. The causative agent of Lyme borreliosis consists of three pathogenic species
    B. burgdorferi, B. afzelii, and G. garinii
  2. Only strain found in United States
    B. burgdorferi
  3. The spirochete is transmitted by certain type of tick
    Ixodes ricinus complex
  4. The larval and nyphal stages of the tick
    white footed mouse
  5. The adult stage of th tick, the host is
    white tailed deer
  6. The migration outward on the skin of the spirochete is called
    EM erythema migrans
  7. The tick in the northeastern and midwestern united states
    I. scapularis
  8. The probability of an infection after a tick bite in an endemic area is
  9. What increases the risks that Lyme arthritis will be chronic and fail to respond to antibiotics
    HLA-DR4, HLA-DR2
  10. No Lyme disease reported in six states?
    Arkansas, colorado, hawaii, mississippi, montana, and Oklahoma.
  11. Adults ticks can infect but can nymphal ticks infected humans, dogs and cats
  12. The first cases of spirochete-vector reported
  13. Lyme disease accounts for ___ of all vector borne illness
  14. Signs and symptoms of Lyme disease stage 1
    Skin lesion, flu-lke symptoms, neurologic symptoms.
  15. Signs and symptoms of Lyme disease stage 2
    abnormalities of the heart, eyes, skin and nervous system.
  16. Signs and symptoms of Lyme disease stage 3
    Arthritis and neurological complications and cutaneous manifestations.
  17. The infection of Lyme disease may not become symptomatic until which stage
    2 or 3.
  18. Arthritis occurs in about how many patients?
  19. When do symptoms of arthritis occur from Borrelia infection?
    Ocurrs months to years
  20. Serodiagnostic test are sensitive or insensitive during first several weeks of infection.
  21. Specific IgM or IgG antibodies against B. burgdorferi are usually not detectable in patient's serum unless symptoms are present for at least
    2-4 weeks.
  22. Lyme borreliosis is possilbe if its relative value is between
    5 and 6, unklike if 4 or less.
  23. Most practical means of confirming infection
    Assay for the detection of antibodies.
  24. what are some assays for detection of B. borreliosis
    indirect fluorescent antibody, ELISA, PreVue B. borreliosis
  25. PreVue is a CLIA waived procedure intended for
    first presumptive step in testing individuals for
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