History Test

  1. What major event happened in October, 1777?
  2. Name this event:
    -Turning point in the Revolutionary War
    -Battle between Britain + Continental Army
    Battle of Saratoga
  3. Who won the battle of Saratoga?
    America won over British army. Britain surrendered.
  4. What was the battle of Yorktown?
    French landed to help America in their battle with the British. Cornwallis surrendered to the French. Last major battle of RW.
  5. Who was involved in the battle of Yorktown?
    • General Cornwallis-US
    • The French Army
  6. When was the battle of Yorktown?
  7. When was Shay's Rebellion?
    1785, after the battle of Yorktown
  8. Daniel Shay?
    Shay's Rebellion
  9. What was Shay's Rebellion?
    Loyalist didn't get paid money back from the government screwing them over for not paying them back.
  10. Where was Shay's Rebellion?
    Boston, MASS
  11. When was the Annapolis convention?
  12. Who was involved with the Annapolis Convention?
    States and congress
  13. States talking about trade issues but it all comes down to the failure of national authority. what is this?
    The Annapolis Convention
  14. What is one result of the Annapolis Convention?
    Another meeting should take place in the summer with all the states to discuss ways to adjust Articles of Confederation.
  15. 1786?
    The Annapolis Convention
  16. 1787?
    Philadelphia Convention
  17. WHo was involved in the Philadelphia Convention of 1787?
    Congress, States, GW, HAM, MADI
  18. Who was most important in the Philadelphia Convention?
    George Washington
  19. -Adjusting the A of C
    -Meeting for everyone to say w/e they want. no one hears about it.
    -Start from scratch

    What is this?
    Philadelphia Convention of 1787
  20. Great Compromise?
    Bases on representation in Congress for states.
  21. When was the Great Compromise?
    After the Annapolis Convention when they started from scratch.
  22. Cutting the government in half was a result of what?
    Great Compromise
  23. What were the branches of the government after the Great Compromise?
    House of Representatives and Senate
  24. -Populated States
    -Rep. chosen by people of the state
    -2 yr terms
    -States have power
    House of Representatives
  25. -Small states
    -Rep. chosen by state legislature
    -6 yr terms
    -more conservative
  26. When was the Judiciary act?
  27. What is the 3/5ths Compromise?
    • Slave states-want to count slaves as population. if they do more people will vote and they will get more representation
    • Non-slave states-don't want slaves to vote because slave states would have more people. and they would have less representation in Congress.
  28. Who are Federalist?
    People who support the New Constitution
  29. Anti-Federalist
    People who DO NOT support the New Constitution. but they support the Articles of Confederation
  30. What are the Federalist Papers?
    Articles written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Based on comments, letters and articles from the people after the announcement of the Constitution.
  31. 1788
    First election for Congress under the Constitution.
  32. Who was first president in 1788?
    George Washington
  33. What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?
    To give individual rights, adding them to the Constitution.
  34. When was the Bill of Rights added onto the Constitution?
  35. What role did Jefferson have on the Bill of Rights?
    Thomas Jefferson wanted the Bill of Rights because he believed the Constitution was too strict and we needed individual rights that CANNOT be questioned by the gov.
  36. Who was in the first cabinet? and what were their positions?
    • Washington-President
    • Adams-VP
    • Hamilton-Treasurer
    • Jefferson-Sec. of State
    • Knox-Sec. of War
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