Research Methods Final

  1. What are six types of correlational research?
    • Cross-sectional design
    • Longitudinal design
    • Path analysis
    • Structural equation modeling
    • Multiple regression
    • Factor analysis
  2. How do you define a cross sectional design?
    All data collected at the same point in time
  3. How do you define a longitudinal design?
    data collected over time
  4. What is another name for a longitudinal design?
    cross correlation
  5. What is the goal of path analysis
    • Try to find linkages between variables
    • may try to detect causal
  6. Who developed path analysis and for what purpose?
    • Sewell Wright
    • genetics
  7. what is the most common technique for correlational research?
    multiple regression
  8. What is one way to describes factor analysis?
    clustering of correlations
  9. what correlational design is an extention of path analysis detailing relationships among variables?
    Strucural equation modeling
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