Danger signs during pregnancy

  1. Rupture of amniotic fluid
    gush of fluid from the vagina prior to 37 weeks of gestation
  2. Vaginal bleeding
    Placental problems such as abruption or previa

    Placenta previa: painless, bright red vaginal bleeding that increases as the cervix dilates

    Abruptio Placenta: sudden onset of intense localized uterine pain with bright red vaginal bleeding
  3. abdominal pain
    • premature labor
    • abrupto placenta
    • ectopic pregnancy
  4. changes in fetal activity
    decreased fetal movement may indicate detal distress
  5. persistant vomiting
    hyperemesis gravidarum
  6. severe headaches
    pregnancy induced hypertension
  7. elevated temperature
  8. dysuria
    urinary tract infection
  9. blurred vision
    pregnancy induced hypertension
  10. Edema of face and hands
    pregnancy induced hypertension
  11. epigastric pain
    pregnancy induced hypertention
  12. Hyperglycemia
    • Concurrent occurence of
    • flushed dry skin
    • fruity breath
    • rapid breathing
    • increased thirst and urination
    • headache
  13. Hypoglycemia
    • Concurrent occurence of
    • clammy pale skin
    • weakness
    • tremors
    • irritability
    • lightheadness
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Danger signs during pregnancy
Danger signs during pregnancy