CH-103 Chap 18

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  1. Amines:
    Organic compounds containing a nitrogen atom attached to one, two, or three hydrocarbon groups.
  2. Alkaloids:
    Amines having physiological activity that are produced in plants.
  3. Amidation:
    the formation of an amide from a corboxylic acid and ammonia or an amine.
  4. Amides:
    Organic compoiunds containing the carbonyl group attached to an amino group or a substituted nitrogen atom.
  5. Amine salt:
    An ionic compound produced from an amine and an acid.
  6. Heterocyclic Amine:
    A cyclic organic compound that contains one or more nitrogen atoms in the ring.
  7. Hydrolysis:
    The splitting of a molecule by the addition of water. Amides yield the corresponding carboxylic acid and amine or their salts.
  8. Quaternary ammonium ion:
    An amine ion in which the nitrogen atom is bonded to four carbon groups.
  9. Ionization of amines in water:
    Image Upload 1
  10. Formation of Amine Salts:
    Image Upload 2
  11. Formation of Amides:
    Image Upload 3
  12. Acid Hydrolysis of Amides:
    Image Upload 4
  13. Base Hydrolysis of Amides:
  14. Steps for Naming Amines:
    • Identify the corresponding carboxylic acid of the amide.
    • Replace the "oic" or "ic acid" with "amide." (eg propanamide).
    • Name a substituent on the N atom using the prefix N- and the alkyl name.
  15. Pyrrole:
    heterocyclic amine with a five-atom ring with one nitrogen atom. Image Upload 5
  16. Pyridine:
    • heterocyclic amine with a six-atom ring similar to benzene with one nitrogen atom.
    • Image Upload 6
  17. Pryimidine:
    • heterocyclic amine with six-atom ring similar to benzene with two nitrogen atoms.
    • Image Upload 7
  18. Ammonia:
    Image Upload 8
  19. Primary (1o) amine:
    • Methylamine:
    • Image Upload 9
  20. Secondary (2o) amine:
    • Dimethylamine:
    • Image Upload 10
  21. Tertiary (3o) amine:
    • Trimethylamine:
    • Image Upload 11
  22. N,N-Dimethylethanamine:
    Image Upload 12
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