Chapter 7 Vocab Quiz

  1. private bill
    A bill dealing with individual people or places.
  2. public bill
    A bill dealing with general matters and applying to the entire nation.
  3. simple resolution
    A statement adopted to cover matters affecting only one house of Congress.
  4. rider
    A provision included in a bill on a subject other than the one covered in the bill.
  5. hearing
    A session at which a committee listens to testimony from people interested the bill.
  6. veto
    Rejection of a bill.
  7. pocket veto
    When a president kills a bill passed during the last 10 days Congress is in session by simply refusing to act on it.
  8. tax
    The money that the people and businesses pay to support the activities of the government.
  9. closed rule
    Rule that forbids members of Congress to offer amendments to a bill from the floor.
  10. appropriation
    Approval of government spending.
  11. authorization bill
    A bill that sets up a federal program and specifies how much money may be appropriated for the program.
  12. entitlement
    A required government ependiture that continues from one year to the next .
  13. lobbyist
    Interest group representative.
  14. lobbying
    Direct contact made by a lobbyist in order to persuade government officials to support the policies their interest group favors.
  15. casework
    The work that a lawmaker does to help constituents with problems.
  16. pork-barrel legislation
    Laws passed by Congress that appropriate money for local federal projects.
  17. logrolling
    An agreement by two or more lawmakers to support each other's bills.
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