1. Is wine good for you ?
    Yes is moderation. Some links to breast CA.
  2. Who determines nutrtional policy ?
  3. How frequently are guidlines updated ?
    Q 5years
  4. When is the next Guidelines do ?
  5. What group is not covered by the Guidelines ?
    Children less than 2 yrs of age .
  6. what are 2 focuses of dietary guidelines ?
    deficency and obesity HTN type 2 dm
  7. what is RDA
    RDA is the average daily nutrient requirement for healthy individuals
  8. DRI dietary reference index
    set of nutrition reference values for USA and Canada for healthy people
  9. nutrients are ?
    chemicals found in foods crtical for human growth
  10. Macro nutrients
    carbs fats proteins
  11. Six groups of essentila nutrients
    carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals and water
  12. K cal
    the amount of energy to raise 1 Kg of water 1 degree centigrade
  13. carbs calories
    4 kcal per gram
  14. fat calories
    9 kcal per gm
  15. properties of minerals
    no carbon not broken down by digestion not broken down by heat or light
  16. daily need of major minerals
    100 mg per day chem 20 items
  17. minor minerals need
    less than 100 mg a day iron copper zinc
  18. estimated average requirement
    the amount of nutrient intake of half the healthy individuals particular to lifestyle and age group
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