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  1. anthropology
    science dealing with the origin, race, customs, and beleiefs of humankind
  2. ethnology
    branch of anthropology dealing with human races, their origin, distribution, culture, etc.
  3. symbiosis
    living together in mutually helpful association of two dissimilar organisms
  4. dichotomy
    cutting or division into two; division
  5. tome
    one volume, or "cut", of a work of several volumes; scholary book
  6. antipodes
    parts of the globe (or their inhabitants) diametrically opposite to each other (literally, "with the feet opposite")
  7. homogeneous
    of the same kind; similar; uniform
  8. heterogeneous
    differing in kiknd dissimilar; varied
  9. exoteric
    known externally (outside a select group; publicly); readily understandable (ant. esoteric)
  10. hierarchy
    body of rulers of officials grouped in ranks, each being subordinate to the rank above it; pecking order
  11. oligarchy
    form of government in which a few people have the power
  12. apogee
    farthest point from the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body (ant. perigee) culmination
  13. empathy
    complete understanding of another's feelings, motives, etc.
  14. sympathy
    sharing of ("feeling with") another's trouble; compassion (ant. antipathy)
  15. anthropomorphic
    attributing human form or characterisctics to beings not human, especially gods
  16. metamorphosis
    change of form
  17. peripheral
    device that can be attached to or used with a computer, such as a keyboard, monitor, printer, or scanner
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